DEJOSE1 DEJOSE2 DEJOSE4 DEJOSE7 DEJOSE8 DEJOSE5Oversize cardigan, tights, shoes, ring set: Forever 21 • Tank top & skirt: thrifted • Hat: Lord & Taylor • Necklace: Jessica Simpson • Leg warmers: Wet Seal • Lipstick: NYX Medusa

So basically…this winter is no joke. The constant freezing temperatures and completely white terrain has ceased any opportunity of taking new style shots. An #OOTD was an obvious must in Sunday’s sunshine despite its 18 degree temperature but if there’s blue skies rather than grey clouds, I’ll take it!

I love a big, cozy, slouchy cardigan. What I love more is that they are so versatile! A week ago I came to work with this cardy, a plain high-low black dress, black tights, and floral Dr. Martens-ish boots. If I recall, “grunge princess” was a term coined. Six days later, replace the dress with a skirt, add some heels and a statement necklace, and boom! Grunge whaat?

Here are a few of my favorite outerwear blankets cardigans. Dress it up or down, either way goes!
Psssst- the best ones come from the thrift store. No lie. Just sayin’!




“It’s one thing to come to God because you have a need. It’s another thing to know that your real need is knowing Him.” – Todd White



Bolero: Wet Seal • Top, Jeans, Shoes: Forever 21 • Necklace: Quiapo

Whooooooooo the first day to hit 50˚F! Can I get a Hallelujah AMEN! Even though this was taken about two weeks ago and we’re back to a blizzard, getting a “warm” day was a blessing. I hope you don’t mind all the weather intros either, that’s just what we Michiganders do. Talk about [crazy] weather.

High school flashback. Before I discovered the thrift store, I was all over a certain store and its specific area. The sale area of Forever 21 (surprise, surprise). I distinctly remember rushing to Great Lakes Crossing for six weekends straight to rummage through racks filled with the hand written red sharpie markdown tags. This top- less than $10. And then, alas, Salvation Army came into my life.

Grade school flashback.


Had to. My OOTD was inspired by my old best friend and I didn’t even realize it.


“Worship Night at Bridgewood”

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Je veux aller à Paris

Wet seal beret ~ Landmark top ~ Forever 21 necklace ~ Quiapo and Forever 21 rings ~ Charlotte Russe sunnies ~ Betsey Johnson tights 

Sigh. After four years of French in high school the only sentence I can form correctly now is that title. Womp womp womp. So I channeled my inner straight-from-the-street style and wore something without a trace of lace or pink but with some sparkly sparkle. Instead I went for a “walking the streets of Paris on a mild foggy day” type look. Totally opposite from any Philippine day, however I did read that QC is expecting cooler weather- thank God! 

Have a great rest of the week! 🙂