“Watch Me Shine”


Well hi there! How’s it going?

I just ended a business appointment. Not exactly the turnout I would like. However, many may respond in the most sarcastic tone, “What a GREAT start to a week!” and continue the rest of their day in hopelessness. But I am repeatedly telling myself that failing is all a part of the process and you just need to learn and keep pressing forward. And “look” forward…in the distance…on a fountain…with Timbs and a sparkly choker. While listening to the turning point song in “Legally Blonde.” Ha!

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Our Four-Monthiversary!

ontario-california Can you believe Christmas is almost here?! I’ll tell ya, Sheila and I feel sooooΒ weird that we’re not surrounded by snow bundled up in layers from our head to our toes. Instead, we’re frolicking around Ontario after church on a Sunday afternoon underneath palm trees in 60 degree weather. Needless to say, no complaints here!

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