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“You are imperfect. Permanently and inevitably flawed- and you are beautiful.” – Amy Bloom

Christian fashion bloggerDid anyone else wake up this Monday and just know it’s going to be a great week?? Just the fact that it’s expected to be in the mid to high-70s (basically perfection) in Michigan brings a smile to my heart!

Also, did anyone know that your fall boots are the new cocktail shoes? Yep, you can now wear your Timberlands (or faux Timbs like mine) to your next dinner party! According to Vogue Runway, “…from a graphic coat and slip-dress pairing to frocks lacy-frilled, metallic, or tulle, these boots were made for walking all over your evening agenda…”

DSW booties

But for those not as daunting, we can stick to pairing them with jeans and plaid- the epitome of fall fashion for a Michigander. Besides the booties, felt hats, burgundy becoming the new black, and seeing more modesty, I love layering in the fall! Here’s some layering inspiration for you heading into the new season: Layer Loving.

betsey johnson watchRemember, one of the best ways to decide if you should buy something or not is if you can style it in a number of ways. Check out these past looks with these pieces that you may have in your wardrobe as well!

jireh de joseCan’t wait to share the rest of this week’s post with you! More fun guest features to come and my birthday weekend plans *meep!* – so stay tuned! Have a great Monday!

Hat/pants/ring: Forever 21 • Top: Charlotte Russe • Vest: thrifted • Shoes: Dirty Laundry (DSW) • Watch: Betsey Johnson

Photography: Isaac De Jose

“Be the kind of woman who, when your feet hit the floor in the morning, the Devil says, ‘Oh no. She’s up.'”

Swimsuits: One-Piece Wonders

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Hey everyone!

Okay, let’s just take a minute to celebrate the recent days of sunshine, dead but visible grass, no-coat weather, and just the fact that some people are already wearing shorts. Spring here we come! So with that said, it’s time for spring break! And what better time than to blog about swimwear? Specifically the underrated and what most people seem to dread: the one piece.

Believe it or not I used to hate the idea of a one piece. Even the metallic gold monokini from Wet Seal I bought years ago (which just wasn’t attractive in the first place) was the last thing I pulled out from my drawer during the summer. I’ve always heard it called as the “missionary bathing suit” and although I knew the reasoning behind it, I actually felt more comfortable in my bikinis. But, long story short, as I got older and alienated from the norms of the world because of my growing relationship with Christ, it finally hit me. I need to become a one-piece kind of girl.

This post isn’t about telling you what you should and shouldn’t wear but rather to give light and attention to the beauty of the one piece and how cute they can be! As I was researching it became very apparent that there is a need in the marketplace for more modest (agh, I don’t like that word but it is what it is) swimwear that is affordable, too. Here’s what I found:

1) Rey Swimwear:

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Created by Jessica Rey and inspired by Audrey Hepburn, her line consists of feminine prints with classic silhouettes.

2) ModCloth:

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Leave it to ModCloth to make vintage-inspired pieces look so fun and lovable! Plus, their contemporary styles are super cute, too!

3) ASOS:

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These one-pieces are on the more expensive side for me, but I just wanted to visually show that one-pieces are not one-hit-wonders and are totally underrated!

4) Shabby Apple:

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Another line that is super chic and girly. And much more affordable than ASOS. Not too “shabby!”

4) SwimsuitsForAll:

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For my girls gifted with curves, this one’s for you! Swimsuitsforall has a huge selection of designer brands from Jessica Simpson to Robyn Lawley.

This definitely makes me want to go swimsuit shopping now! Just goes to show that one-pieces will always look classy and fashion forward at the same time!

Oh, and if you have a minute, check out this video of Jessica Rey speaking on the evolution of swimwear. Very interesting video and shows how much has changed over the decades!

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