All I Can Do is Say Thank You

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

What are your plans? Most importantly, what are you thankful for today? Being grateful shouldn’t be exercised once a year, in fact, I believe we can be thankful for something everyday. Everyone has something to be thankful for whether you’re living your dream job or for the heart beating in your chest. Here’s a beautiful excerpt from the daily devotional Jesus Calling that narrows in to why we’re thankful in the first place:

LET THANKFULNESS RULE in your heart. As you thank Me for blessings in your life, a marvelous thing happens. It is as if scales fall off your eyes, enabling you to see more and more of My glorious riches. With your eyes thus opened, you can help yourself to whatever you need from My treasure house. Each time you receive one of My golden gifts, let your thankfulness sing out praises to My Name. “Hallelujahs” are the language of heaven, and they can become the language of your heart.

A life of praise and thankfulness becomes a life filled with miracles. Instead of trying to being control, you focus on Me and what I am doing. This is the power of praise: centering your entire being in Me. This is how I created you to live, for I made you in My own image. Enjoy abundant life by overflowing with praise and thankfulness.

So before you chow down on your third plate or attack the retail world on Friday, look around you! See everything and everyone you have in your life. Blessing #1, blessing #2, blessing #80.

I pray you all have a blessed and safe Thanksgiving. Share love and light with everything you’ve got.

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