Je veux aller ร  Paris

Wet seal beret ~ Landmark top ~ Forever 21 necklace ~ Quiapo and Forever 21 rings ~ Charlotte Russe sunnies ~ Betsey Johnson tightsย 

Sigh. After four years of French in high school the only sentence I can form correctly now is that title. Womp womp womp. So I channeled my inner straight-from-the-street style and wore something without a trace of lace or pink but with some sparkly sparkle. Instead I went for a “walking the streets of Paris on a mild foggy day” type look. Totally opposite from any Philippine day, however I did read that QC is expecting cooler weather- thank God!ย 

Have a great rest of the week! ๐Ÿ™‚

Wedding Fair and Happy Daddy Day!

Thrifted top, skirt, and belt / Forever 21 necklace / Steve Madden oxfords

What a rainy day. Perfect for some Adele and Renee Olstead. This skirt brings me back to my old ballet days- the touch of pink color, the flounces, and the past-the-knee length. It may be summer, but we don’t always have to conform to the tight mini bandage or denim hem-frayed skirts, which, let’s be honest, doesn’t look good on everyone. Go for all lengths this season! This has got to be one of my favorite necklaces right now, too. I wish I bought more F21 necklaces when I was home. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

After church I went to a wedding fair with my auntie. Sigh, one can only dream of what their wedding will be like when they attend those things. Booth after booth of diamond rings, flowing white dresses, save-the-date cards, dining layouts, flashy photography portraits, event coordinators, guest gift-aways, and my personal favorite, wedding cake testings, it got me excited for my own dream wedding.ย 

One day, Jireh, one day.

And of course…Happy Father’s Day to my daddy and my Lolo! ๐Ÿ™‚

Back in the Garden

My mom gave me her camera to use while I’m here…is it just me or does it make me look slimmer?ย 

My first OOTD taken back in the Philippines in my Lola’s garden, taken by her personally ๐Ÿ™‚ The skirt is from Forever 21 when I went shopping with my dear friend, Elaine a few weeks ago. Very tribal, which is all I saw at F21 along with floral and lace. My favorite!ย 

Forever 21 + DIY

After shopping in the Philippines, I felt like the $20 I spent in Forever 21 was like spending $50. I’m ridiculous. Anyways, I thought these purple washed-out denim jeans were high waisted, but they’re not…but they’re still cute!ย 

I bought studs from Jo-Ann’s to stud my high waisters. It’s a bummer because I couldn’t find the ones that you can snap on; these are sew ons. But I bought them anyways because I really want to stud some shorts!ย 

Tumblr-Fashion Inspired

Entire outfit minus the turban= S.A. thrift store. Two big things I really wanted this summer: a lace top and high waisted shorts. What inspired me? Tumblr and the fashion blogs I’m following that overflows my dashboard. My mom gave me a tan cami which is what I’m wearing underneath BTW! The turban is from Forever 21; I’ve seen a couple of people at SoFA wear one and I really wanted one for the spring/summertime. Voila!ย