Forever 21 + DIY

After shopping in the Philippines, I felt like the $20 I spent in Forever 21 was like spending $50. I’m ridiculous. Anyways, I thought these purple washed-out denim jeans were high waisted, but they’re not…but they’re still cute! 

I bought studs from Jo-Ann’s to stud my high waisters. It’s a bummer because I couldn’t find the ones that you can snap on; these are sew ons. But I bought them anyways because I really want to stud some shorts! 

Tumblr-Fashion Inspired

Entire outfit minus the turban= S.A. thrift store. Two big things I really wanted this summer: a lace top and high waisted shorts. What inspired me? Tumblr and the fashion blogs I’m following that overflows my dashboard. My mom gave me a tan cami which is what I’m wearing underneath BTW! The turban is from Forever 21; I’ve seen a couple of people at SoFA wear one and I really wanted one for the spring/summertime. Voila! 

Wilmington, Delaware

Today reached a nice sunny warm/cool day of 70. I wanted to wear my new floral maxi skirt along with the new feather necklace I got from F21. I am a huge fan of feathers right now! Feather necklaces, earrings, headbands, anything!

My older brother’s wedding is in a week so we’ve been spending the past two days with him while his single life dwindles to a close stop. These past couple days that we’ve spent here in Delaware has been a great blessing. I am so happy I grew up in a family that puts family before everything except God. I love how family oriented we are; I know some families don’t get that and I’m happy I do. 

The Lost Get Found

Yay for color. Colors make me so happy. I don’t remember where I bought this dress, but the necklace is from Forever 21 and the pumps from Manic Shoes at Great Lakes Crossing (which I don’t think they have anymore 😦 They were only $10!) Ugh, dresses make me so happy, too. I would wear one everyday. 

I went to church today and the message was great: Love is action. Amen. So then I came back home ate a late lunch then did…nothing. Crappers I had a lot to do. Hence why it’s 11PM and I’m now just doing homework and I still have to choreo for class tomorrow :/. Boo. It will be a late night. But thank God for these four-day weekends. I was also sick the past two days but now I’m 98% better! Praise God!

I am OBSESSED with Britt Nicole’s CD, “The Lost Get Found.” I absolutely love her first CD and once I heard she was coming out with her second, I wanted it right away. But that was all the way back in 2009! So I finally got it. Finally. It’s such a beautiful CD. Apart from Nichole Nordeman, this girl is definitely my other favorite Christian artist. Her songs are so encouraging and I love her British accent. She’s like the Christian version of Jessie J, but she’d rather not do it like a dude. Heh heh.

Tomorrow shall be a full day. I am determined to finish almost everything. Dance class from 11-12 then sewing a Gothic headdress, my model’s skirt, and finish my illustrations. Can’t forget about MARA CLARA either! Yet another week of the MC 🙂 

Speaking of, one more week until March. That means one more month until BRUNO MARS and only two more months to go until MICHIGAN. Ah!

Embrace the Lace

I feel like it’s been so long. It HAS been so long. I’m always swamped with stuff at least two weeks before midterms/finals. I also get a little sick during this time too hence my itchy throat and stuffy nose :/ Anywhoo…

Today was another Fashion Thursday at SoFA and the theme was Lacey Daisy. I love lace. It’s one of my favorite textiles just because it’s so intricately pretty and feminine so I had to participate in this one. I felt kind of in the Victorian royal-ish era though because the lace reminded me of brocade, the cross necklace, and people said my headband looked like a tiara. Heh heh. …

Headband- Forever 21

Necklace- Quiapo

Belt- Salvation Army

Yet another weekend and more projects to finish ahead of me. Hope to post soon!