A ’90s Dress in the 90’s


At last, we are finally seeing full weeks of beautiful sunshine without the surprise of snow in the forecast (knock on wood). Bikers accessorized with leather, convertibles with their tops down, grills are dusted off, and a slew of grad parties, picnics, outdoor concerts, and road trips are already scheduled in for the coming months. Yep, summer is a’comin’! And ladies, what’s a summer without a good ol’ summer dress?

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I love, love, love dresses with a basic silhouette like this because it’s so easy to get up and go with especially when its fabric is convenient and you don’t have to iron it. And while this dress clearly looks like it’s from the ’90s, bright colors with floral NEVER ceases to get me all giddy inside. Whether you’re a heels or sandals kinda girl or hair down or twisted in a quick bun, it’s so simple to look like you actually put in the effort, and let’s be honest, with this kind of weather, all we want is to be outside, right?!

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Remember, summer does not have to equal immodesty! It’s humid and we get sweaty. I get it. But it is possible to still look hot when it’s HOT (hah). Take a look at Liz’s post from her blog Downtown Demure. She and 12 other modest fashion bloggers give their tips on how to look cool while staying cool when it’s the temperatures are anything but.

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Have a great weekend!

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Dress: thrifted • Shoes: Chinese Laundry (thrifted) • Earrings: Philippines • Bracelet: Forever 21

“Modesty is not a bad word. It’s the characteristic of a woman whose heart has been changed from self-will to godliness. It reveals the attitude of a woman that lives to honor God.”

Happy Spring Eve!

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Happy Saturday!

Don’t let the sunshine deceive you- it is chiiillyyyy outside! But spring is just around the corner (tomorrow to be exact) and you know what that means. Time to bust out every piece of neon, pastel, and floral clothing you have!

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Reasons why I love these pants: 1) they basically have every color of the rainbow so it’s easy to pair with just about any solid-colored top, 2). they are incredibly comfy and light, perfect for the spring and summer, 3) they’re a great alternative to leggings and yoga pants that we’ve been hoarding all fall and winter long, and 4) they are from the Philippines from my beloved Lola for only PHP 50 or $1!

bright pants

white shellac nails

It honestly doesn’t get any better when your entire look is less than $30, am I right girlfriends? Which in this case this outfit was a whole whopping $26! You don’t have to break the bank to achieve a fashionable wardrobe. Just a little patience at the thrift stores and sifting through sale racks can go a long way.

forever 21 heels

Side note: I am currently in California from March 19-24! If you are around the LA, Ontario, or Fontana area, I’d love to connect, talk, and collaborate on all things faith and fashion with you. Shoot me an email at jireh@fashionmeetsgod.com!

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Until next time my dears!

Cardigan: thrifted (Forever 21) • Top: thrifted • Pants: Philippines (Divisoria) • Shoes: Forever 21 • Purse: thrifted (Morena)

“Though I sit in darkness, the Lord will be my light.”
– Micah 7:8

Layer Lovin’

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“You are imperfect. Permanently and inevitably flawed- and you are beautiful.” – Amy Bloom

Christian fashion bloggerDid anyone else wake up this Monday and just know it’s going to be a great week?? Just the fact that it’s expected to be in the mid to high-70s (basically perfection) in Michigan brings a smile to my heart!

Also, did anyone know that your fall boots are the new cocktail shoes? Yep, you can now wear your Timberlands (or faux Timbs like mine) to your next dinner party! According to Vogue Runway, “…from a graphic coat and slip-dress pairing to frocks lacy-frilled, metallic, or tulle, these boots were made for walking all over your evening agenda…”

DSW booties

But for those not as daunting, we can stick to pairing them with jeans and plaid- the epitome of fall fashion for a Michigander. Besides the booties, felt hats, burgundy becoming the new black, and seeing more modesty, I love layering in the fall! Here’s some layering inspiration for you heading into the new season: Layer Loving.

betsey johnson watchRemember, one of the best ways to decide if you should buy something or not is if you can style it in a number of ways. Check out these past looks with these pieces that you may have in your wardrobe as well!

jireh de joseCan’t wait to share the rest of this week’s post with you! More fun guest features to come and my birthday weekend plans *meep!* – so stay tuned! Have a great Monday!

Hat/pants/ring: Forever 21 • Top: Charlotte Russe • Vest: thrifted • Shoes: Dirty Laundry (DSW) • Watch: Betsey Johnson

Photography: Isaac De Jose

“Be the kind of woman who, when your feet hit the floor in the morning, the Devil says, ‘Oh no. She’s up.'”

A New Beginning

thrifted blazerLabor Day weekend is coming to an end and we’re entering an exciting new season! I’m not just talking about summer ending and fall being right around the corner, but other seasons of life such as returning to the back-to-school grind, a new job, the start of a marriage, and some may even be heading towards a completely different career venture who may just find themselves getting dressed in corporate wear more often with blazers, tailored pants, and stilettos. Just maybe.

forever 21 black pantsChristian fashion bloggerI’ll admit that this style department is not a forte of mine, but I strongly believe you don’t have to sacrifice style for the corporate world. There’s no need to resort to frumpy, black slacks and oversize blouses, but rather tailored pieces…and optional statement jewelry.

hm necklace

Blazer: Loft • Top: thrifted • Necklace: H&M • Pants: Forever 21 • Heels: Rampage

Whatever season you may be starting, I pray that you will flourish and be blessed in whatever you put your hands to that’s of God. If you’re feeling uncomfortable and a little nervous, I am with you! But I love the fact that we can rest in the arms of Christ through these new beginnings because He is with us and as He promises in Jeremiah 29:11, “‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the LORD, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.'” As God declared it, declare it in your mind and in your heart. You already hold the victory because our God is victorious!

Australian Fashion & Hillsong: Janeleen Suarez

Janeleen Suarez GF

I am so excited to introduce this lady for today’s fmG Guest Feature! I’ve known her since we were just little kids and have always admired her style, gorgeous hair, and especially her love for the Lord. The Light she gleams from her passion for Christ is contagious to anyone around her and it has been so awesome seeing her grow in her walk with God. Now as a former Hillsong College student and theology major, I know this world changer will continue to do great things for the Kingdom. Meet Janeleen!

My name is Janeleen Suarez and I am 22 years old. At the age of 18 I moved from Detroit, Michigan to Sydney, Australia to pursue God and worship music at Hillsong International Leadership College. Initially thinking I would only stay for one year, I today find myself three and a half years along the journey finishing my Bachelor’s Degree in Theology. I am an extrovert by nature, so my hobbies would be doing anything with my family or close friends. I love exploring, being spontaneous and finding good food along the way. My most favourite place to be would be the beach or anywhere under the sun and by water.

fmG: How would you define your personal style?

JS: I actually have no idea how to describe my style! Haha! I think it’s maybe a mix of a lot of things… I think lately I’ve been feeling the urban style, but I also like a bit of femininity and simplicity- so maybe a mix of those? If I’m being completely honest, I love wearing something that I’ll feel comfortable in. My outfits tend to be tailored to how I feel that day, so as long as I know that I’ll be comfortable that’s what I’ll go for! When I shop I tend to look for things that I think are fashionable, things that portray who I am and things that have a big red “sale” sign on it!

white ripped jeans pacsun urban outfitters top janeleen suarez

Grey cardigan: Glassons • Light teal top: Silence + Noise from Urban Outfitters • White Ripped Jeans: Bullhead from PacSun • Arrow necklace: Lovisa • Watch: Fossil • Black leather boots: Country Road

fmG: Do you find Australian fashion different from American? Which do you prefer?

JS: When I first moved to Australia I didn’t think there was that much of a difference, but the longer I’ve been here I realise that it’s so different! If I were to describe Aussie style I think it’s very Pinterest-y Tumblr-y, if that makes sense? I notice that Australia is a few steps ahead when it comes to “what’s new” or “in” and America is closely behind. In the States, it’s very normal to rock up somewhere in sweats and a T-shirt, but you will rarely find that happening here. I personally prefer Aussie fashion because they’re not afraid to take risks. People love dressing up every day in something that expresses who they are.

fmG: What did a day look like for you while studying at Hillsong College?

JS: When I was at Hillsong College, we had classes four days a week. Some classes including Old Testament, church and ministry, Christian doctrine, and Prophetic literature. Our college has a few different streams (worship, pastoral, dance, songwriting, production, TV/media) in which you choose one to focus on. I chose the worship stream and did vocals. Some of my classes included workshop, theology of worship, and building creative leaders. Every day we held chapels which is basically a time where all the students gathered and had our own service. What I love about Hillsong college is that our vision is same as Hillsong Church’s – building the local and global church. Our college is very much a part of that. We are not our own separate entity that is distant and disconnected. We feel very much a part of what is happening in the church and we are never seen as “just students.”

fossil backpack forever 21 felt hat valleygirl top

Hat: Forever 21 • Leather jacket: Dotti • Shirt: Valleygirl • Light-wash ripped jeans: Bullhead from PacSun • Watch: Original Boyfriend from Fossil • Leather backpack: Fossil • Shoes: Nike Air Max from Foot Locker

fmG: What was your favorite memory from Hillsong College?

JS: My favourite memory from Hillsong College has just been creating a home away from home. Our college is made up of a bunch of students that collectively come from 60 countries. When moving to Australia, most of us are in the same boat when it comes to leaving home and family, so we very much had to learn how to make Sydney home and create family with the people around us. I’ve loved being able to watch and walk the journey with many friends I’ve had since day one. There hasn’t been a day where I am ungrateful to be where I am. I find myself amidst a healthy, encouraging and growing environment where people are sold out to seeing God’s kingdom flourish. It’s been an amazing journey and even better when I look around at the people I get to do life with.

fmG: How has your relationship with God been since moving to Australia?

JS: I can’t even begin to describe how much I’ve fallen in love with Jesus. When I moved here I had to grow up and become an adult which I find comes with growing in my relationship with God as well. All my life I’ve grown up in a church and considered myself a Christian, but I think one of the biggest thing for me was I had to discover who God was for myself. I grew up hearing the stories and listening to what I should believe, but never dug deep into Scripture by myself and I never asked the tough questions when it came to theology. I had to rediscover what I do believe and I learned what I don’t believe, which actually solidified what I do believe. I think that as you walk further on your journey with Him, it needs to be just you and Him, reading Scripture, hearing His voice straight from Him and not through a mediator.

urban outfitters dress factorie denim jacket

Denim jacket: Factorie • Dress: Ecoté from Urban Outfitters • Cross necklace: Fossil • Shoes: White Converse

He has done a lot of work in not only my life, but in my heart. He has broken me down to build me up even stronger. And I find that that cycle keeps happening, which I am totally fine with as long as He keeps revealing Himself to me (which I know He will).

I definitely don’t know everything there is to know. My prayer is that even though I am studying Theology as a profession, that it wouldn’t just stop as a profession, but that it would also be passion and that I may never lose the wonder in learning more about Jesus.

Connect with Janeleen on Instagram! @janeleensuarez