Rainbow Show

harrisons fine caribbean jewelry

Hey guys! So I know these DR posts seem endless (because they kind of actually are) but there was so much work behind the scenes of all these shoots and videos thatΒ notΒ posting them would be a complete shame. So here’s another one with my newest Dominican friend, Genisis!

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Taste of Home

“Just feel the magic in the air and the power in the breeze. Feel the energy of the plants, the bushes, and the trees. Let yourself be surrounded by nature at its best. Calm yourself, focus, and let magic do the rest.”
– Sally Walker

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European Streets

After looking through Style.com’s Elie Saab Fall 2012 Couture Collection, which, by the way, is completely divine, a gallery of Tommy Ton’s European street-style shots came up. I can only dream of seeing these “art on legs” people walking along the streets of Paris, Milan, London, etc. one day. Fashion photography is everywhere and it’s easy to get accustomed and drained out with the endless shots of platforms and bangles, but there’s just something about candid takes on people- on individuals. I am so inspired by these fashion lovers who don’t conform to mainstream fashion and have a unique sense of style all on their own. It’s not about even about what’s hot or what people may think, they just straight up do it. They take it to the next level and look fabulous doing it. That’s what style is all about.