Let’s Celebrate: Beach Day and an fmG Milestone!

Ummm, hello. We’re OVER 100,000 blog hits! Whooooo! Thanks for supporting and reading fashion meets God! To Him be all the glory!!!

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Guest Feature: Modest Melani

I’ve always been so inspired by young women who boldly stand for what they believe in especially when it comes to what they wear.Β Especially in high school. Rather than conforming to what society says, they dress to honor God first. That’s exactly what this young lady does. Meet Melani!

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Modesty with Modestly


One of my all-time favorite verses (that I very much drill into my head from time to time) is Matthew 19:26 which says, “…with man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Such a simple yet powerful sentence that can be incredibly impacting if oneΒ by faith believes it to be so, right? Now imagine having that as a reminder in the form of an accessory? Continue reading “Modesty with Modestly”