Modesty with Modestly


One of my all-time favorite verses (that I very much drill into my head from time to time) is Matthew 19:26 which says, “…with man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Such a simple yet powerful sentence that can be incredibly impacting if oneΒ by faith believes it to be so, right? Now imagine having that as a reminder in the form of an accessory? Continue reading “Modesty with Modestly”

Hair With Hope: Brianna Black


Let’s set the scene for a second, shall we? You have a hair appointment. It’s an ordinary day and you’re feeling, well, ordinary. Life at the moment is just as mundane and bland as your hair. You take a seat in the hairdresser’s chair. 30 minutes later she swings you around, you check out your new ‘do, and then the next moment you’re being encouraged and loved on with words you haven’t heard in far too long. You leave the salon with a smile feeling brand, spankin’ new not only because of your tresses but because you’ve been poured into with joy, positiveness, and hope.

Pretty amazing right? Now imagine you feeling led to make girls feel like this in a whole other country? What a calling! Courage, passion, and faith has led this woman to push through barriers and actively pursue her God-sized dreams. Meet Brianna!

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Keep Going!


Hello, darlings! I know it’s been a little while and I’ll just get straight to it: I think we can all agree that life isn’t always one easy, smooth, fun ride. One season you feel like you’ve got everything figured out, you’re actually working towards your dreams, and your spiritual walk has never been so high. Then there are the seasons where you wake up already screaming in your head, thoughts are doing the MOST, and you seem to question everything. I mean, ERR-THING.

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