Best Nine 2017: fashion meets God Review!

Oh, the end-of-year blog posts… I look forward to writing you each year! So typically I click on my stats at the end of the year and do a “Top 10 Posts of 201_” post, but when WordPress generated the top 10, most of them were posts from years past! I guess people like a little throwback? So this year I opted to do the “Best Nine” but for fmG! I love the opportunity to write every single post, and these are just some of my favorites. A couple being some goals that were actually accomplished and other milestones that made 2017 sweet. Enjoy!

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Christmastime in Chicago

millenium park chicago

My family and I went to Chicago for less than 48 hours, and mainly for business than pleasure, but with a family like mine (including a little brother I can always poke fun with) the “pleasure” portion was inevitable!

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Havana (Na Na Na)

jireh de jose

Greetings from the Philippines! After a whirlwind of events with my laptop (a water accident, keyboard replacement, re-installation of my most used blogging programs) I am back online! And finally get to post these photos from my last few days in Cali before I flew to the RP!

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