Happy Birthday Hannah Angsioco!

So today is a very special day. Not only is it Wednesday (inside joke number three), but it’s Hannah’s birthday today! AKA my best friend! I came across something I saved from a while ago on my Mac: 

SocialInterview.com asked me “If you had to write a personal ad for Jireh De Jose, what would you write?”

I answered ”Hhahahahah ohhh boyy. It would say: Outgoing 18 year old with the coolest best friend ever. She enjoys fob accents, making lists, eating, sleeping in awkward positions, going to the same mall multiple times in one day, eating banana nut cheerios, sitting on her red bench thats really secretly brown with her best friend, and randomly taking a drive with her best friend to blow off some steam.”

Hahahaha. This is why she is my best friend. Not only is she there for me through anything, (these past couple days are an example), but she can put a smile on my face through anything. I could be in the middle of crying and she can still make me laugh. She is just an amazing girl and now she’s growing up into a beautiful, young lady. Even though she’s still in high school (inside joke number four), she can give the best advice anyone older than me could give. I can come to her for anything and I know she will always have my back and support me in any decision. Surprisingly we’ve only been actual real friends for a little over a year now. Yep. A year ago I somehow lived life without her for 17 years. I mean, I always knew her. But I didn’t know KNOW her until Memorial Day last year where we reunited and became best friends. Since then we’ve had some great memories together; we have the best times together. I know wherever we go and wherever we end up in our future, we will always be friends. So happy birthday Hannah Angsioco! Thank you for being an AMAZINGxs56182383498 friend! I love you girl 🙂

^ One of my most stressful days. Yet she can always make me smile…as fake as it may look 🙂 Thanks for driving for me, too (inside joke number five) ❤



Don’t Be Disappointed

Oh my goodness. This has been such an emotional week so far and it’s only Wednesday. Let’s just say I was going to take my own advice. I was SO close, but I just couldn’t do it. Why? I realized that my needs in this situation should not be first right now. I really was going to take my own advice and drop it like it’s hot. But after learning and realizing something, people who are silently suffering and hurting, need support, love, and care should become before me. I was about to do something just because I based my feelings off of one angry weekend when in reality, this is the time where it seems like they need me the most. As of now I’m not exactly sure how to move forward in this situation, but I’m going to take it one step at a time and I pray they’ll be healed soon. 

On a lighter note, pictures that make me happy inside.

^ Yeeeea. You know.



Happy Father’s Day!

This is my dad. I am extremely thankful for him and what he does for his family. We can count on him for anything, and he has done SO much for his family. Of course we get into fights and I have learned that we have the same temper, but we always move on and he continues to call me “Love.” So thank you dad for everything, I am so blessed to have you in my life. Thank you for all that you have done and thank you for the love and joy you give to your entire family. I love you!