Havana (Na Na Na)

jireh de jose

Greetings from the Philippines! After a whirlwind of events with my laptop (a water accident, keyboard replacement, re-installation of my most used blogging programs) I am back online! And finally get to post these photos from my last few days in Cali before I flew to the RP!

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Steven Furtick: Sun Stand Still

So I very rarely post about my quiet times (QT) and journaling on fmG. In fact, I think I’ve only done it one other time four or five years ago. But when God reveals something and I am resonating with it like no other I have to share. And this is just too good! A look into what part of my QT looks like…

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Zeal in Teal

faith and fashion blog

You’d think after living in an ice state like Michigan and then experiencing a full year in California, this cooler weather in SoCal would be a breeze- but I’m weirded out! To be busting out pants instead of dresses and skirts is so strange, but I think it’s because the transition was so abrupt. Like, two weeks ago we were in triple digit weather and a week later it’s high 70s. But hey, as long as I’m away from actual snow, I’m good!

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