Have something to share? fashion meets God is always looking for content such as:

  • Favorite verse and why
  • Your testimony
  • An outfit
  • Favorite pair of shoes
  • Vintage clothing finds
  • Devotional
  • Favorite Christian artist/band
  • Travel essentials
  • What’s in your purse
  • Favorite book of the Bible
  • Favorite worship song
  • Shopping sales
  • Your best accessory
  • Missions trip experience
  • Thrift shopping finds
  • DIYs/designs you’ve created
  • The first time you shared the Gospel
  • Favorite places to shop
  • Life as a single/married/divorced Christ follower
  • Hair/make-up tips
  • Modesty
  • Favorite piece of jewelry
  • Style inspiration
  • Favorite seasonal lipsticks
  • Favorite piece of clothing
  • Christian conference/concert/event recap
  • How you study the Bible
  • Go-to clothing pieces
  • How you overcome temptation/peer pressure/adversity/etc.
  • Most recent God-encountered experience
  • Love (general, I know, but you can go so many ways!)
  • Favorite Christian movie
  • Country’s traditional clothing or national costume
  • Favorite character in the Bible and why
  • Styling uniforms

and many more!

Send an email to of:

– Your text content

– Preferably 1-2 photos related to your post

– Headshot photo of you

– Your name, where you’re from, and one random fact (this will be included at the end of your post)

– Links to your blog/Twitter/Instagram/Facebook/or any social media site you’d like to promote

Look forward to hearing from you!

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