Philippines VLOG #2!

Here’s the second video for the Philippines on reunions, mega churches, and more meetings in preparation for Thailand! I’m assisting in the kids’ conference where I’ll be leading tweens and teens. I also get to brush off my choreography skills again too since they’ll be performing a routine in front of 700 people. Crazy exciting!

I can’t believe I’ve been here for two weeks already- time is going by so fast. Anyways, hope you enjoy these vlogs. Can’t wait to show you all more of what God is doing pre-conference!

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“The history of missions is the history of answered prayer.”
― Samuel Zwemer

Video: Work With Your Wardrobe – Valentine’s Day

There are only three days until Valentine’s Day! Need some outfit inspiration? Check out the new video on fashion meets God’s YouTube channel! It’s all about working with what you already have in your wardrobe; I took pieces that is most likely in your closet and styled them to the girly-est girl I’ve been in a while (hehe). You can always swap other pieces and colors that you may have- just be yourself and have fun!

“I want my love for God to come alive so that my heart dances at the very thought of Him.”
– Margaret Feinburg

Video: 21 Days Without Social Media!

Yes, finally, a new VLOG on fashion meets God’s YouTube channel on 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting with Bridgewood Church! It was really a great way to refocus, prioritize, and deeply draw closer to Christ. Don’t forget to open the description box for full details and links to other cool sites :). While you’re at it don’t forget to subscribe! It is also one of my new year’s resolutions to post a video once a week (ahhh!) so if you have any ideas please comment down below or shoot me an email! I’d really appreciate it! Enjoy!

21 Days of Prayer and Fasting Prelude

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“Fasting coupled with mighty prayer is powerful.” – Joseph B. Wirthlin