Guest Feature: Modest Melani

I’ve always been so inspired by young women who boldly stand for what they believe in especially when it comes to what they wear.Β Especially in high school. Rather than conforming to what society says, they dress to honor God first. That’s exactly what this young lady does. Meet Melani!

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Hair With Hope: Brianna Black


Let’s set the scene for a second, shall we? You have a hair appointment. It’s an ordinary day and you’re feeling, well, ordinary. Life at the moment is just as mundane and bland as your hair. You take a seat in the hairdresser’s chair. 30 minutes later she swings you around, you check out your new ‘do, and then the next moment you’re being encouraged and loved on with words you haven’t heard in far too long. You leave the salon with a smile feeling brand, spankin’ new not only because of your tresses but because you’ve been poured into with joy, positiveness, and hope.

Pretty amazing right? Now imagine you feeling led to make girls feel like this in a whole other country? What a calling! Courage, passion, and faith has led this woman to push through barriers and actively pursue her God-sized dreams. Meet Brianna!

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The Cure to Heartbreak


Hello, everyone!

One day I received an email from a woman in Nigeria (don’t you just love the Internet?!) and then I find myself reading a post she wrote on heartbreak. Ladies, we know that is NOT an easy topic and we’ve all had our ride on the heartache train in some way or another. I was captivated by her vulnerability through her words and could even relate to what her heart went through. I’m so glad that as Daughters of the King we don’t have to keep living a life of pain and sadness; He relieves and saves us from the deepest, darkest pits. I pray as you read her story you are just as encouraged as I am!

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