Let’s Celebrate: Beach Day and an fmG Milestone!

Ummm, hello. We’re OVER 100,000 blog hits! Whooooo! Thanks for supporting and reading fashion meets God! To Him be all the glory!!!

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“Watch Me Shine”


Well hi there! How’s it going?

I just ended a business appointment. Not exactly the turnout I would like. However, many may respond in the most sarcastic tone, “What a GREAT start to a week!” and continue the rest of their day in hopelessness. But I am repeatedly telling myself that failing is all a part of the process and you just need to learn and keep pressing forward. And “look” forward…in the distance…on a fountain…with Timbs and a sparkly choker. While listening to the turning point song in “Legally Blonde.” Ha!

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Girlz With Goalz: A Girl’s Guide to Accomplishing Goals

girlz-with-goalz-book-coverHappy New Year everyone! Welcome to 2017! How does it feel? Weird? New you, perhaps? Or you’re feeling pretty much the same? Whatever the case may be, it is the start of January and many of us have our lists of things to accomplish, do, change, improve on, or end this year. If you haven’t – don’t lose hope! It’s never too late to think and take action on how you want to improve your life. In need of a fun way to do it? Girlz with Goalz has got you covered.

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Keep Going!


Hello, darlings! I know it’s been a little while and I’ll just get straight to it: I think we can all agree that life isn’t always one easy, smooth, fun ride. One season you feel like you’ve got everything figured out, you’re actually working towards your dreams, and your spiritual walk has never been so high. Then there are the seasons where you wake up already screaming in your head, thoughts are doing the MOST, and you seem to question everything. I mean, ERR-THING.

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