The Modern-Day Superwoman (And Overcoming Dream Killers)

modest fashion blogger

“The modern-day Superwoman can wear many different things; heels and a great shade of lipstick is optional.”  

faith and fashion

This is my usual go-to look when going to site presentations and business meetings: a high waisted skirt and a comfortable top. My corporate-wear hasn’t changed too much since California except that I don’t have to wear blazers in the Philippines due to the heat (whew can you imagine!) and I can dress a bit more casual here than in my Chino office.

Also, remember when I discussed in my last post one of the best reasons for thrifting is finding unique tops that have some type of “flair” to them without paying some ridiculous amount? This is the perfect example. There are cape blazers and capes on gowns, but how about on your average sleeveless shirt? Presenting the modern- day Superwoman clothing item! 😂😏

pink cape top

Can I be honest though? In regards to that above last sentence I haven’t felt anything like Superwoman this week so far. The strength that she portrays so confidently has been so hard to gain in myself. Words that were supposedly meant in honest intentions turned extremely hurtful resulting in anxiety, tears, and a dream trampled over.

I tweeted, “Sometimes all who you’ll have in your corner is God. And that’s all that matters.” I guess I had to go through a situation like this to realize that at the end of the day and at the end of this life, all I really have is God. People come and go whether it’s your friends or even your own family. They either pass through different seasons of your life or from this life to the next. Trust me when I say that’s not to sound depressing. But God. God will meet you wherever you are in whatever season you’re in.

fashion meets god

Since then I’ve been clinging onto God’s promises, gaining my strength from Him, listening to this song on repeat, and remembering my identity in Him despite what others may think or say about me.

For those who have ever been hurt by words specifically when they attack your God-given visions and dreams, read this article. Give it to the One who gave you the dream in the first place, the Dream Giver. Like it mentions in the article, “We have a choice every day, to listen to God’s calling and believe beyond doubt that he has great purpose for us in life.”

ARTICLE: 4 Big Dream Killers and How to Stop Them

You can also listen to this song 😏

Get it.

For the Kingdom,


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