“True Beauty” (My FAVE Read Right Now!)

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“Femininity can be expressed in a variety of fashions and yet still speak of God’s beautiful wisdom. God’s goodness may be glorified by a style that is soft and simple or bold and vibrant, all reflecting the beauty of His character.”

If you follow me on IG (follow if you’re not! @jireh.dejose) you may have seen me give a little rave review about this book I just finished called “True Beauty.” Like I mentioned in the IG story, I was hesitant to get it because it just looked like one of those old-fashioned books that would discuss hemlines to the floor, not to find your self-worth through pages of fashion magazines, and “your beauty should not come from outward adornment” (1 Peter 3:3). But God has been stirring the mission of fashion meets God in my heart so much lately that I know I need to be equipped and read all that I can about the topic of beauty and clothing through God’s eyes.


I started reading it that night- and I could NOT put it down! The more I read the more I wanted to learn. There were many times where I was wrestling some ideas and my thoughts wanted to debate a concept for some reason, but each time Mahaney and Whitacre answered anything I questioned. It was actually slightly weird how on point they were but God can reveal Himself in many ways!


What I loved about this book was that it wasn’t someone telling me, “You can’t wear this, this, or this” or, “God won’t approve.” Mahaney and Whitacre go straight to what reflects what we wear and our everyday makeup routine: our hearts. The way they describe true beauty and God’s beauty reflecting on us, whether we believe we are beautiful or not (which you are!) is something so refreshing and new to read and accept.

Here are some of my favorite quotes from “True Beauty!”

When we turn the spotlight away from God and onto ourselves, we twist the truth. So ‘God is beautiful and made us in His image’ becomes ‘You are beautiful because God created you.’

With God at the center – like the ‘sun,’ satisfying a woman’s longings for beauty and greatness and truth and love – all the ‘planets’ of food and dress and exercise and cosmetics and posture and countenance will stay in their proper orbit.

If I have difficulty accepting myself the way God made me, then I have a controversy with God.

Evangelism is, in one sense, a message about beauty. It is a message about beauty created, beauty lost, and beauty restored.

Get your own copy here!

Learn more about Carolyn Mahaney and Nicole Whitacre at their website here!

I hope you are blessed from it as much as I was. Now I’m itchin’ for my next read! Any suggestions?


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