When You’re Not Praying, You’re Giving Up

Because without Him, I would be without hope.

Every Thursday I attend a women’s fellowship at my church and for the past three weeks we have been diving into Rick Warren’s “Seeking God for a Breakthrough.” Every week so far has been so good and challenges me in my faith. This week’s session has been especially good because it’s something I know I need to work on. The topic? “Why Must I Keep Praying Persistently?”

There have been seasons in my life where I was so intentional on praying. Once when I woke up, multiple multiple times throughout the day, and right before I went to bed but not because I thought it was the “right” or “good” thing to do that would get me into Heaven easily, but because I was so passionate in being in constant communication with God! It’s honestly like talking to a friend. It was beautiful. However, right now, not so much. I struggle with praying before I reach for my phone and check my notifications when I wake up. My meal prayers are quick. I Netflix as I fall asleep.

With my prayer life not as spicy (can I use that?) the title of this blog post actually resonates with me. What I once was praying for is now no longer on my prayer list (or mind for that matter) and I don’t pray for it as much or at all. I’ve given up, lost focus, or frankly just don’t care in some things. And for some things, that can be a good thing. They filter out and no longer are a priority or desire of my heart. Yet for other areas, like my relationships or future, that’s kinda important!

Before this becomes a pity party post (which it’s not!) let me share with you what I learned on why prayer is important and the power of it. Because yes, there IS power in calling on the name of Jesus.

Why Does God Want Me To Pray Consistently?

  1. It keeps my attention focused on God.
  2. Having to wait teaches me about myself.
  • It tests my desires (what do I really want?)
  • It tests my priorities (what’s most important to me?)
  • It tests my maturity
  • It tests my faith (do I trust my feelings or my Father?)
  • If you’re not praying, you’re giving up = discouragement.
  • When you pray consistently you give God attention.
  • God is not in the business of fulfilling our whims.
  • God doesn’t want us living in moods. He wants us to live in commitments.

Four Ways God Answers Prayers:

  1. When my request is not right, God says no.
  2. When I am not right, God says grow.
  3. When the timing is not right, God says slow.
  4. But when my request, the timing, and my character are all lined up right, God says go.


I hope that was encouraging to you as much as it is for me! Now that we are in this era of “#PrayFor________” now we have more of a direction, understanding, and anchor as to why we actually PRAY.

Get it, sisters. You got this!

Btw, none of these photos are mine but from SoulScripts.com by Jordan Lee Dooley. Girl, I love your brights 😍☺️

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