Christmastime in Chicago

millenium park chicago

My family and I went to Chicago for less than 48 hours, and mainly for business than pleasure, but with a family like mine (including a little brother I can always poke fun with) the “pleasure” portion was inevitable!

red and black plaid

My parents received their dual citizenship with the Philippines today (hooray!) so afterwards we mini celebrated by going around Chi-town chowing down on Italian food and taking photos at Millenium Park.

winter fashion

love the city life! Not sure if I could ever live in the midst of the hustle and bustle long term but just walking through the streets, people watching, and taking in the sights and sounds during Christmastime was so enjoyable!

chicago illinois

This is my favorite plaid top; I’ve styled it in a number of ways with layers, tied around the waist, or just button downed with the cuffs folded as shown. It’s the middle of December and I’m not bundled in a winter jacket- crazy!

jireh de jose

Five days until Christmas! You ready for it??

Until next time!

Plaid top: thrited • Scarf & jeans: Forever 21 • Booties: Vanity • Purse: Jones New York

“You can’t break a woman who seeks her happiness in God.”


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