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Statement sleeve tops have been all the rave this year. I’ve seen a variety of different styles and colors as I’ve browsed through Instagram- and some people’s games are on point! It’s almost as if the sleeves have replaced a good ol’ statement necklace, and all you really need to accessorize with is a minimalistic necklace or some statement earrings.

jireh de jose

I bought this one at Greenhills in Manila when I was in the Philippines about a month ago. I was veering towards the white one, but realized fall is coming upon us and the fact that I already own many flowy white tops. Not only is it so comfortable, but it jazzes up any bottoms you may be wearing. Jeans, printed pants, or culottes I also got from Greenhills!

Christian fashion blogger

And of course, I’m sporting none other than a HARRISON’s Fine Caribbean Jewelers’ larimar necklace! The heart of the ocean!

larimar necklace

Praying you all have a great week ahead!

statement sleeve top

Top and culottes: Greenhills • Necklace: HARRISON’s

“He knows the way because He is the way.”
– Jeffrey R. Holland

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