Havana (Na Na Na)

jireh de jose

Greetings from the Philippines! After a whirlwind of events with my laptop (a water accident, keyboard replacement, re-installation of my most used blogging programs) I am back online! And finally get to post these photos from my last few days in Cali before I flew to the RP!

faith and fashion blogger

I was a little hesitant on this high-low dress since the style was everywhere around 2012-2014 but to my surprise I still see the style going strong! But I was mainly attracted to the lace and floral embroidery near the chest area, which is very popular on almost anything- tops, jeans, denim jackets, booties, and even sneakers.

Christian fashion blogger

These four-tiered tassel earrings from Rue 21 are my current fave right now! I’m wearing them all the time since they give a fun pop of red. Don’t they remind you of Camila’s dress on stage in her “Havana” music video? *Shimmy shimmy shimmy*

red layered tassel earrings

My bestie and I did a mini photoshoot together at Heritage Park in Cerritos which is such a beautiful park by the way! So beautiful that there were three quinceñera photoshoots were taking place at the same time haha.


So I’ve been in the Philippines for one week now and it’s been so great reuniting with my Lola and all my relatives! We just came back from my dad’s province in Kalibo (which I’ll be posting a vlog very soon!) and now we’re back in Manila. More shopping to come, haha!

Until next time!

“A sweet friendship refreshes the soul.”
– Proverbs 27:9

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Christ ambassador and faith & fashion blogger at fashionmeetsgod.com

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