26, baby!

birthday girl

Hellooooooooo year 26!!!

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What a fun birthday photoshoot! I’ve had this little ruffle dress from Forever 21 for a few weeks now and finally got to shoot it at Fontana Park (the nicest, most convenient place to shoot near our home 🙂 ) I receive so many compliments from this dress, which was only $9 at Forever 21. The ruffles on the bottom remind me of an ice skater’s costume where I could just twirl the day away. I found these floral heels and picked up some balloons courtesy of Party City, and voila! I know we just transitioned into fall and hues of burgundy, mustard yellow, and plum should be plastered all over these photos, but I couldn’t help not feeling pretty in pink!

fontana fountain california

It’s so strange to think I’m already 26. I feel like I just celebrated my 25th birthday in Disneyland a few months ago! But a new year brings new ideas, thoughts, and dreams for the year ahead. As I look back on my 25th all I can say is: life ain’t easy! Whewwwww what a freakin’ year it has been. We’ve had to transition and change to living in California, meeting new people, finding a home church, and getting a push start to our business out here. But by God’s grace I still stand here today. He is so faithful in working in us and standing beside us in every season.

jireh de jose

My takeaways from year 25?

1). People will come and go in your life. And it’s okay to accept that. Some are really just meant to be there for a certain season of your life. Then, life happens, you become distant, and “goodbye.” Not that there was ever tension or conflict, but you just learn to meet, love on, and that’s it.

2). Enjoy the process. Major changes in life doesn’t come easy. It may be the hardest thing you’ve had to endure in your life thus far. But there’s no use in stressing, growing gray hair, and being frustrated in the storm. Realizing that God has a better and bigger plan and purpose and will always provide a light in the tunnel is comforting in the midst of the journey.

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I also thank you guys for tagging along in the journey of fmG. As you may know, it’s more than just a “hobby” but a passionate calling. Some of you have stuck with it since the beginning and some have just stumbled upon it now as a new reader. Whatever the case may be, I am so happy you are here today!

fashion meets god

I am so thankful God has allowed me to see another year ahead and I look forward to see what He has planned. It may seem blurry, cloudy, and a little confusing, but I trust that He has my best interest in store. He has ALL of our best interests in mind.

“Lord, make me a woman after Your own heart. Clothe me with Your strength and wisdom. May I be full of Your love and compassion. In all I do, let it bring glory and honor to You.”
– Ruby Wives

Author: fashion meets God

Christ ambassador and faith & fashion blogger at fashionmeetsgod.com

3 thoughts on “26, baby!”

  1. Happy Birthday ! I love this outfit and your entire look! Very pretty! I love your life lessons & i think those are important to know. God has your entire life planned out, every detail. No need to worry about whats already planned out perfectly, all you have to do is go in the flow of God’s blessings! Great post!

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