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You’d think after living in an ice state like Michigan and then experiencing a full year in California, this cooler weather in SoCal would be a breeze- but I’m weirded out! To be busting out pants instead of dresses and skirts is so strange, but I think it’s because the transition was so abrupt. Like, two weeks ago we were in triple digit weather and a week later it’s high 70s. But hey, as long as I’m away from actual snow, I’m good!

summer fashion california

I also promise I am not this tan either.

Anyways, I’ve featured this top in my DR vlogs and am just now donning it on fmG. I loooooooveee it. It’s so billowy and the colors (especially that teal) is so happy-go-lucky! My auntie got it for me from the Philippines and I won’t lie, I think I’ll be picking up a few more styles when I’m there later this year!

jireh de jose

I’ve styled this top so many different ways from skirts to shorts and I typically keep the bottoms simple since there’s so much going on with the blouse (in a good way :)) I paired it with heels I got from Vegas and bam! Wore this to my friend’s acupuncture clinic grand opening!

floral paisley shirt

And although it’s a small detail, I am LOVING this nail color by Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails line. It’s called “Daycream” and is the perfect off-white with a hint of the lightest pink shade. Definitely my new fave!

jireh de jose-2

Praying you all have a great week ahead! As always, thanks for reading!

“God only gives three answers to prayer: 1, ‘Yes!” 2, ‘Not yet,’ and 3, ‘I have something better in mind.”

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