Hello again, Dominican Republic!

You know that series I just ended called, "Dominican Republic Dreamin'?" Well I ain't dreamin' no more! It's so great to be back in this beautiful country!

I have been itchin' to get a new post out not only because it's been almost two weeks but because I've only been here for two full days and so much has happened and is happening!

The main reason why I'm here: I am helping my auntie and uncle with their jewelry business here in the DR! (More on the Caribbean's largest jewelry chain here!). They want to gain more of an online presence so I am helping them with social media and filming, editing, and producing videos and a couple of photo shoots. We've been in the office everyday so far brainstorming and getting our creative juices flowing so we can fully make use of our time here. We've shot videos on their factory thus far and have two photo shoots tomorrow and Friday- on the beach. Heyyyyyy now!

Other highlights have been reuniting with my friends I met here 10 years ago when I was just the wee age of 16. Unfortunately I didn't get to see them when I came to the DR for 1 Nation 1 Day two years ago. But I attended church service this past Sunday night and boy do things change! Most of them are now married, pregnant, or already have children! I am truly so thankful for social media and technology. From Friendster to Facebook we've been able to keep in communication after all these years. My heart is so happy. 😊

Two things…

  1. I will be vlogging this trip! Yes, I realize I've said that for my 25th birthday and Florida trip 🙈 but vlogging is always fun and different! And was also requested by my auntie, haha 😂
  2. Watch out for a Facebook Live video as well! In efforts to help promote HARRISON'S, I will be FB living their business and give an inside look on this 35+ year business and why it stands out from the rest.

Dominican food. Grub time!

Stay updated on Instagram for more! Until next time!

Author: fashion meets God

Christ ambassador and faith & fashion blogger at fashionmeetsgod.com

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