In Fashion I Trust: Seyi Famuyiwa

A few months ago, fellow fashion blogger Tarah-Lynn from “Adorned in Armor” referred me to about three other bloggers, one of them being today’s guest feature. I reached out to her on Instagram, asked if she was down to get together and grab coffee, and we eventually met in Urth Caffé in LA’s Art District! Which, btw, is probably the coolest coffee spot I’ve been to in Cali so far. Two and a half hours later, our conversations included fashion (obviously), the industry in CA, the vision of both of our blogs, and our background and relationship as Christ followers. Plus, I got to shoot her super cool-and-chic outfit! Needless to say it was an awesome time! Now, you can “meet” her, too!

Hi! My name is Seyi Famuyiwa and I am a Los Angeles, CA native. Born in Nigeria (very very proud of my roots). I am a full time campaign manager and blogger/influencer at I love to shop (that was probably a dead giveaway lol), love watching superhero movies & tv shows (more of a Marvel than DC comics fan). I have my MBA. I enjoy marketing and it’s something that always peaked my interest. 

fashion meets God: When and why did you start blogging? How was “In Fashion I Trust” born?

Seyi Famuyiwa: I started “In Fashion I Trust” after I graduated from college and was looking for a job. I was bored with constantly applying and figured starting a blog would keep me “busy”. People would always ask me where I got my clothes from so this was a perfect way to let them know. It was strictly a hobby back then. I posted very irregularly lol. I took photos on my iPhone 4 and uploaded them to my site after my point and shoot broke. Humble beginnings!

fmG: How would you describe your personal style?

SF: I would say it’s sophisticated chic. I like a mix of structure and flowy pieces. Things that are asymmetrical always catch my eye.

fmG: What’s your favorite ongoing trend right now?

SF: CULOTTES! I love them so much! They flatter every size and are just perfect to me!

fmG: I really admire how vulnerable you are on your blog; it shows another side to you and your content than just outfit posts and outward beauty. Is it difficult for you to be so open online?

SF: Initially, I was super hesitant because I went from this extremely positive person to someone who was now questioning the meaning of existence. It was bottling up inside and at a point I was like, “I need to release”. Doing so online felt the most natural because I figured someone else going through the same thing I am could see that they are not alone.

fmG: I especially love your post, “Hashtag Blessed,” and how honest and open you were about your mom. It was so moving. Would you say your vulnerability online allows you to grow in your relationship with God?

SF: I believe that it sort of does. Seeing things written out, for me, makes it real in a sense. It sort of solidifies exactly how I’m feeling and in a way I am forced to come to terms with it. With that post, it was a topic that I always wanted to speak on but felt a little hesitant. So finally writing it out was therapeutic.

fmG: What are your goals and dreams for your blog and for yourself?

SF: Oh man, this question always stumps me. But like the above question, writing it out makes it real. So, with my blog, my ultimate goal is to turn it into a business and a household name brand, if that makes sense. I want black women, along with other women, to come to my page as routine as checking their email. I want my site to be a one stop shop for real talk, style, beauty, lifestyle, and overall, living a life that, although has it’s ups and downs, can have its beautiful moments.

Goals for myself: to be happy and content with my life and allowing God to take complete control.

Thank you, Seyi, for being so open and honest! You are not only a beauty on the outside, but truly on the inside as well. May God continue to pour favor and blessings on your vision for your blog and your life!

Be sure to stay updated with Seyi!
“In Fashion I Trust”


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