Dominican Republic Dreamin’: My Highlight Experience

Dominican Republic, 2009

My highlight experience in the DR. As in, my experience getting my hair highlighted in the DR! *ba-dum-dum*

I’m really no stranger to doing something unexpected and unplanned to my hair. I’ve dyed a chunk of it red in Virginia, I’ve practically gone all blonde (my sad attempt to ombré-ing my own hair which wasn’t all that bad) in Michigan, a side shave in the Philippines, and a complete 11-inch chop. You know, one of those “New Year, New Me” ordeals. So highlighting my hair back in 2009 wasn’t completely off the radar. Prior to this, the first time I ever colored my hair was in 2006 in the Philippines when I got it highlighted. It’s INCREDIBLY cheap to get done there! Fast forward to 2009, and my aunt suggested to get it highlighted again- but not in the salon, but by herself! My reaction? “Sure! Why not!”

However, it wasn’t so much the outcome of it, but the experience while she was using her hair stylist skills. I remember being in the house’s top floor where we prepared two chairs, foil, and the Garnier box. As she was separating section after section, brushing the dye into my locks in long strokes, wrapping my hair in foil, then waiting 30-some minutes, we were overlooking the gorgeous sea and mountains on the balcony that stretched for miles on end while breathing in fresh, tropical air. Plus, of course with my Auntie Deanna, fun girl talk was just the cherry on top!

As for my hair? I went from all black in the first picture above to:

I’m sorry, I wish I had better pictures. Let’s just say I was copper girl!

Don’t just step out of your comfort zone, but really sink in the moment at the same time. Don’t miss out on the beauty that could be surrounding you and the memories that can stick with you for a lifetime!

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