Dominican Republic Dreamin’: My Favorite Pastime

There are so many wonderful things to do in the Dominican Republic, from hitting the beach to eating at the coolest, authentic food spots. There’s so much culture to be engrossed in, that’s why I don’t have a specific location that I could pinpoint as my favorite place. Truthfully? Just roaming around the cities and absorbing new sights, sounds, and smells while learning more about the country’s history is what I enjoy most!

I specifically remember my group of Dominican girlfriends from church coming over asking if I wanted to hang out with them. I didn’t know what exactly that would entail but I think that was the fun part about it all; it was all about the adventure! They ended up taking me to “downtown” where we walked all across the city. We walked along sidewalks of colorful Dominican neighborhoods and historic landmarks and eventually ended up at La Sirena, the country’s department store chain. I went nuts over these colorful earrings decked out in beads and feathers- waaaayy before they ever became popular in 2012. So fun!

Another mini adventure was going to Mount Isabel de Torres. After a missions trip, our team took the teleferico to the sister landmark of Rio de Janeiro- the “Statue of Christ our Lord.” We had a small service and worship session. Talk about a great way to end a missions trip!

Have you been to the Dominican Republic? Where/what are your favorite things to do?

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