Dominican Republic Dreamin’: My HARRISON’S Experience

Finally. The post of this Dominican Republic Dreamin’ series that will actually tell you a little bit and give a personal insider on the company that initiated this whole series in the first place: HARRISON’S!

I remember walking into a HARRISON’S store in the Dominican Republic for the first time feeling like Reese Witherspoon did in Sweet Home Alabama. The lights came on and revealed the jewelry store surrounding her as her man knelt on one knee to propose and said, “pick one.” Granted, all THAT did not happen, but I did find myself walking in a mini circle as my eyes drifted from one display case to another.

I actually had the opportunity to be a visual merchandise intern, too! My first retail “gig” ever! It was cool getting to move and position the displays and jewelry inside the glass cases visualizing how a potential customer may view it. It’s quite different from clothing visual merchandising!

If you’re ever in the Dominican Republic, make sure you stop by a HARRISON’S store and see the “ocean” in a ring, bracelet, earrings, or a necklace! You won’t be disappointed!

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