Dominican Republic Dreamin’: Larimar Love

“The Dominican Republic is most famous for a beautiful pastel gemstone called Larimar. It was only discovered 25 years ago. It is not only beautiful but it is also extremely rare. There is only one Larimar mine in the world and it is in the Dominican Republic. So when visitors buy Larimar jewelry from HARRISON’S, not only are they getting something beautiful that they can have for the rest of their lives but they are also getting something that is very rare. These stories for the past 35 years have made HARRISON’S the largest and most famous jewelry store in the Dominican Republic.”
– “What is Larimar?” Harrison’s Fine Carribean Jewelers

Baby Jireh from 10 years ago! How young do I look?! Anyways, don’t you just love the pop of fresh color these Larimar stones bring out? I remember when my aunt first showed me a Larimar stone in the Philippines. It was so pretty; I was mesmerized! The natural designs on the stone looks like crystal clear ocean water with the sun’s rays hitting every angle of each wave giving the slightest glistening effect. Can’t you just imagine the sounds of it all? Can we just go to the beach now??

When I visited HARRISON’s for the first time, to see so much Larimar in one room was so fun! Most displays were glowing with the beautiful blue stones. It’s like HARRISON’S brought the ocean right inside the store!

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