“Hope Meets Fashion” in LA Fashion District

During the Rosewood Annual Tea Party, I met a woman named Lalaine who mentioned her and her husband have a wholesale shop in the heart of Fashion District in LA. We were in communication ever since and when I went down there to get to know their business and a possible partnership, I didn’t expect to hear their hearts and testimonies of their lives since they’ve been here in the States as immigrants from the Philippines. I was amazed.

Getting to know Ely and Lalaine was such a blessing. To hear how they met in the church in the Philippines, to their move to the United States, and their different business endeavors was humbling and moving. Just as my own parents were immigrants from the Philippines, moving to a whole new country, barely being able to speak straight English, and putting food on the table is so difficult. Ely and Lalaine shared their trials and challenges throughout the years, from only have $5 for gas to eating dinner with just a single candle as lighting.

What I loved the most is how sensitive they have been to the Lord’s calling and because of their obedience, they also shared how God has also provided in the most miraculous ways, like the provision of funds and warehouse space for their business that literally almost felt like it came out of thin air. And now they’re on their way to create another line at another location. How amazing!

Getting to hear their hearts behind ministry and wanting to further expand the Kingdom was amazing as well. I’ll tell ya, these two are VISIONARIES. Lalaine verbalized idea after idea (such as a line called Hope Meets Fashion) and the desire to help needy children and those in prison; it was so beautiful to witness her eyes get bigger and brighter just as she was tearing up. Talk about a couple who truly puts God first and people second.

Walking around their office and seeing the fruition of God’s provision was so major, too. Just as I thought that was all to their office, they brought us through more and more that it eventually felt like a maze. You can literally see and sense His hand in their business by faith through grace. Here are some of their products:

Thank you Kuya Ely and Ate Lalaine for sharing your story and how God has been so faithful to you in your lives. May God continue to bless you, your family, and your business!

“And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.”
– Philippians 4:19

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