Tea Time

“It’s always tea time!”

So fun to play dress up for Rosewood’s annual Tea Party which was my first one! And what does every tea party outfit consist of? Flowers upon flowers upon flowers. Don’t forget about the big Sunday hats!

Working with what you have (especially when you have a wardrobe consisting of mostly business attire) was a tad challenging. Thankfully my mom found this top at Salvation Army in Michigan and brought it to Florida to give to me. When I first saw it I was a little hesitant, because, let’s be real…it looks like it was straight up from a piñata! Or a chicken! But when worn it’s not too shabby! Just a different approach to your ordinary floral dress, right? And a happy thanks to Ate Annette for letting me borrow then eventually have this dainty, cute hat! By the way, anyone know what this type of hat is actually called?

Don’t forget to read the recap on this event HERE!

Top: thrifted • Skirt: Ross • Heels: Q • Earrings: thrifted • Hat: gifted

Author: fashion meets God

Christ ambassador and faith & fashion blogger at fashionmeetsgod.com

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