Twin Day

“A best friend helps you find the rainbow on a rainy day.”

*Best friend/We-made-our-own-twin-day-just-because appreciation post*

I’ve featured her here and there but if you haven’t met her yet, here’s my BFF/roomie, Sheila Grace! Would you believe that people actually believe we’re sisters or even twins? Seriously, we get it almost everyday. From people who have known us for the past six months here or complete strangers. So we decided to literally dress like twins to the office one day. Down to the same lipstick and earrings. Yep, the things we do.

I realize these aren’t the best quality photos since they were taken on our iPhones, but I have to post them anyways because they’re so cute!

This girl, though. Man. The adventures we’ve been on, the struggles we’ve conquered through (some we’re still trudging through), and the real adulting we’ve experienced yields to one word- “whew.” But I’ve loved and learned a lot every minute along the way. Just today alone, Sunday March 26, we’ve been through a hodge podge of emotions- disappointed, irritated, bawling-my-eyes-out sad, confused, happy, and repeat. But I love how we can go from having serious conversations to bust out laughing and back again. We encourage, be real, and pray for each other. True friendship, y’all. I’m so blessed.

Selfies for good measure…

And as I speak, she’s looking up and saying, “It was an emotional day, ” “I’m fat,” “Excuse me,” “Sorry I’m not Latina,” and “Sorry I’m not blonde with blue highlights” in Spanish (don’t mind the inside jokes). Yep, never bored with this one.

“A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still gently allows you to grow.”
– William Shakespeare

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