Psalm 33:4


Hello everyone!


Doesn’t it look like this was taken in the summer and I just found it and decided to late post it? Wellp, this was just taken last week!!! Sorry for my excitement, I lived in MI winters for most of my life so this isย wonderful. Thank you for your beautiful and warm “winters,” California ๐Ÿ™‚


We’ve been having a lot of rainy, cloudy days in the I.E. lately so it was great taking advantage of the sun on this Sunday. And for whatever reason, kimonos always seem to have that feel-good “IT’S WARM OUT!” feeling whether you wear it with shorts and flip flops or over a dress and booties.


So how have you guys been? I’m literally in the passenger seat right now as my roomie drives us to work blogging. It’s gray, traffic’s slow, we’ve got Kari Jobe’s “Forever” on and I woke up extra early today with the desire to just study and meditate on His Word. I have so much peace and excitement for the day. Man, I tell ya, start your day off with Him. It doesย wonders. When I don’t, thoughts and fears and doubts fight for space in my mind. But when I do, I feel so comforted by His love and how faithful God is.


Before I let you go, do you know what tomorrow is?? fashion meets God’s FIRST Gathering! If you live around the SoCal area or know of anyone here, come out to California State University San Bernardino at the Student Union in the Bay Room! We’ve got a line up of great worship and fellowship on faith and fashion for you. It’s going to be amazing and I’d love to see you there!


Until next time!

Kimono: Papaya โ€ข Shirt and skirt: thrifted โ€ข Booties: Forever 21 โ€ข Sunglasses: Forever 21 โ€ข Earrings: Philippines

“For the word of the Lord is upright, and all his work is done in faithfulness.”
– Psalm 33:4

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