Christ Inc. & Couture: Sese Peresuh


Hey y’all! I’m so excited to share with you this Guest Feature because the journey to connecting with her and how we even met was so God-ordained. I just might share in another blog post BUT for now, let me introduce you to her! I’ve only known her for a few weeks ever since I started going to Send College Church in California State University- San Bernardino. Do you know those types of people who walk in a room and just glow and light the place up? Well, she’s one of them. Meet Sese!


I’m Sese, I’m 19-years-old. Surprisingly, I’m studying bio at CSUSB, but I also have a passion for fashion. It started at a very young age. I used to cut up towels and make clothes for my Barbie dolls. My mom would be like, “Who did this?!” and we’d all be like, “Ummmmm…” haha! In high school I did it as a subject and I took it all the way up to an advanced level.

fashion meets God: How and when did you come to know the LORD?

Sese Peresuh: I grew up in a Christian family so I was always in the Word of God. I personally got born again in 2006. That’s where my own personal journey with God began.

fmG: How long have you been interested in fashion and what do you think got you interested in it to begin with?

SP: I love clothes, I love shopping. My mom told me how her mom was a tailor. My mom, when she was younger, had all these pictures of her… she was always dressing up. I think it subconsciously passed down to me as well. I magnified and exploded with it.



fmG: Do you have any favorite fashion icons?

SP: My favorite fashion designer is Elie Saab. My heart! I just discovered him a few years ago, but when I was in high school doing research on fashion designers, I feel like I connect with every design he does…I always envision myself in his gowns.

fmG: Where do you find inspiration for your own [couture] dresses? Do you have any favorite pieces so far?

SP: Ultimately my inspiration comes from God. Sometimes I’ll be sitting and I close my eyes and an idea comes to my mind. Some people say, “No… you have to draw it from nature,” or something like that, but sometimes it just hits you. But primarily it comes from God. Sometimes I see other things I like from clothes that I want to develop or even in nature that inspires me but primarily it’s God.



fmG: Love it! So tell us about your company “Christ Inc.” Where did you get the inspiration for that?

SP: “Christ Inc.” is more Word based merchandise and it encompasses clothing, stationary, anything with the Word of God on it. Last year I was at an all-night prayer at church and God gave me the vision and I ran with it. So far we’ve expanded and the inspiration for all that is from Christ.

fmG: What’s the main message you want people to take away from your brands, both haute couture and “Christ Inc.?”

SP: The main message is that you are powerful. God has given you the ability to do whatever you want. We are made in God’s image and that’s the whole purpose in everything. Even the death of Jesus Christ was for us to be reconciled with that image so that’s what I want to mirror God in everything I do.

christ-inc-t-shirt christ-inc-t-shirt-2

fmG: That’s so good. What is your biggest dream for your couture and “Christ Inc.?”

SP: I have too much! My biggest dream is to ultimately help other people with it. I don’t want to just make money for myself. I want to be able to sponsor other people’s dreams. I want to be able to send people to school. I want to be able to feed people. I want to be able to clothe people for free. That’s my biggest dream for now. To just reach other lives and not have other people buy from me and I pocket the money but using it for God’s glory. Obviously for that to happen I need to expand and grow.

fmG: Where can others learn more about your company and even you?

SP: My company That’s actually where you find more about the company; there’s an online store there. For myself, I do have an Instagram and Facebook. My Facebook is “Sese Peresuh” and for Instagram it’s @sesesnp. I’m working on [for my couture] a separate blog but for now that’s it!

christian-clothing sese-peresuh-line

Thanks, Sese, for sharing your heart for God and bridging it with your passion for fashion!

Get connected with Sese and Christ Inc.!

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“After these things the word of the LORD came to Abram in a vision, saying, ‘Do not fear, Abram, I am a shield to you; Your reward shall be very great.'”
– Genesis 15:1

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  1. It was such a pleasure by fmG. I’m glad that there are people out you out here who see the importance of connecting God with everything we do because He is everything beautiful!

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