Call to Nepal: David & Jenna Towns


Ever since fashion meets God was created, I’ve always wanted to make sure its content would not only be about fashion but have a consistent foundation of faith and people working towards expanding God’s Kingdom would be present. I’m so excited to introduce one couple who is doing just that with the desire to spread The Gospel to those who have never even heard the name of Jesus.

I’ve known Jenna Towns since high school and to see where she is now and who she’s become seven years later has been so fun! And now, with a hubby and a baby on the way, her and her husband are here to share their love for God and His people, especially the people of Nepal. Meet David and Jenna Towns!


fashion meets God: Tell us about yourselves!

Jenna Towns: Well, I’m pregnant with my first child and I am beyond excited to be a mom! I’m from Michigan and I love running. I love making stuff especially things that can be given as gifts! Oh, and I love swimming!

David Towns: I’m from Aiken, South Carolina. I went to North Greenville University for 3 years. I played college soccer there and studied Biblical Studies. Some of my hobbies: I love playing and watching and coaching soccer! I love watching movies. I enjoy doing things outdoors. I also really like to write (specifically spoken word). A little more about me is that I have a very hard time sugar coating things. I like to say things how they are and I believe I have the gift of pulling people up to their potential.

fmG: When and how did you come to know The LORD?

JT: I guess for me I grew up just knowing the Lord was my Savior and my understanding of what that meant was slow. I didn’t really have a moment where I woke up one day and everything changed. The Lord was patient with me. I think I would say that I didn’t really start understanding beyond what I had learned in Sunday School until college. I guess in a way I’m still getting to know the Lord everyday and He continues to be patient with me, teaching me, re-teaching me, and loving me. It’s really amazing how patient He can be!

DT: Well, I sometimes wish I had a really extravagant way of coming to the Lord; however, I know that every child coming home is worthy of celebration. So, my family started going to church when I was in 7th grade. I honestly don’t have like an exact time and place of accepting Jesus. I just know that I was baptized the summer before 9th grade. I know that throughout my 8th grade year, things just made more and more sense. The more I read Scripture, the more Jesus became real to me. I think that I gradually just had a relationship with Jesus. I don’t know where I was, but one day I realized I needed to get baptized so people could see what Jesus had done in my life. That’s really all I know. I used to think my testimony was lame, but now I know that everyone’s relationship with Jesus is different. He calls us in different ways and He speaks to us in different ways, but one thing is the same: His sheep know His voice!

fmG: Tell us about your hearts for Nepal and its people!

JT: David and I felt even before we were married that we would end up overseas but we didn’t know where. We spent a lot of hours in prayer. For a while we really tried to convince ourselves that we would end up somewhere in South America so we would be closer to home. We quickly realized that God was asking us to go to an unreached country. Somewhere that most of the population has never had the chance to hear the Gospel. Then God put Nepal on our hearts. 99.1% of the population has never heard the Gospel. We want to change that. We also love that Nepal is located in between a lot of closed countries that we would never have the chance to reach but the Nepali people that we teach will. God is doing some incredible things in Nepal and we’re excited that we get to go!

fmG: Jenna, I remember when you started your mission work with The World Race a few years ago, which, if a reader didn’t know, is a journey to 11 countries in 11 months to serve and share Christ to people. I thought that was the coolest thing ever! Did you ever think that 11-month experience would direct and prepare you for what you are about to embark on?

JT: I think I knew that I would end up overseas doing mission work long term when I went. I don’t really think I had any clue what that would look like and I probably thought it would be years down the road. I also know that I was planning on going alone without a partner. God obviously had different plans. David and I started talking around month nine of our eleven month trip and we soon realized that this is what God wanted for us. I never expected to find my husband on the World Race but I can’t imagine going overseas without him!


fmG: As our world gravitates further and further away from God and His Word, how does your faith allow you to go against the norm and follow Jesus to the point you’ve dedicated your entire lives to ministry?

JT: Some days it’s really hard to explain what I am doing and why, those are the days that I have to remind myself that Jesus is why I go and that’s enough. A lot of people don’t understand the mission life style and a lot of those people that don’t understand are believers. If I believe, I have to believe everything He tells us and He tells some of us to go. I wake up some days wishing I could stay here in the States but I know that’s not God’s plan is for me and His plan is so much better then mine. I think that your faith grows so much stronger when you do what God is calling you to whether it’s here in the States or overseas, you just have to put your trust in him and take that first step forward.

fmG: What advice would you give to other young millennials who feel they have been called to serve abroad?

JT: Pray! You won’t always have the support you wish you did from family and friends so you will need to spend some serious time with the Lord. Wake up each morning and spend time with Him; He will be your comfort. Also be OK with not being OK. It’s OK not to have it all together and sometimes we think we need to make it look like we do. The mission life style isn’t meant to be easy but it brings so much glory to God! GO! If the Lord is calling you to go, go! He will equip with what you need!

fmG: Where do you see yourselves long-term as missionaries?

JT: We feel like we will be in Nepal for a long time. We haven’t really set a time frame because the Lord could move us at any time but for now we’re going to Nepal with the plan on making our life there. We don’t exactly have a timeline but we hold our hands open because the Lord could ask us to be willing to move at any time. We don’t want to hold onto Nepal too tightly and forget to listen to God saying, “Ok, it’s time to go somewhere else.” We might eventually end up back in the States, or stay in Nepal forever, or head to a different country. That’s one of the scariest and most exciting things about God- is that He has a plan that brings Him glory and He doesn’t always let us in on it. We just have to learn to trust in where He wants us to go!


fmG: Where can people find out more about your journey and support financially?

DT & JT: To follow our journey, our blog is! We are looking for monthly supporters to give go to


Thank you David and Jenna for sharing your hearts for ministry! I commend your two for being so bold and obedient to your calling, especially with a baby boy on the way and a new season of becoming parents. Praying for His provision as you prepare for your exciting adventure!

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“And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.”
– Mark 16:15

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