My Prince Charming: “Secrets of Royalty” Review


Ladies, do you remember being a little girl watching endless marathons of Disney princess movies? From Cinderella to Snow White, Sleeping Beauty to The Little Mermaid? And of course, the common theme in all of them was a charming prince sweeping each princess off their feet and either dancing, sailing, or singing their way off into the sunset and an eternity of love. As our little 7-year-old hearts swoon and gush we start to wish and desire those very scenes for our own lives.



What if I were to tell you that our love stories began once upon a time even before we were born? That there was Someone looking over you, saw your beauty, charm, potential, and had the greatest things in store for your life in the palm of His hands?

That’s exactly what Livy Jarmusch portrays in her new upcoming book, “Secrets of Royalty.” Jarmusch shows that even when we were little girls dreaming fantasies of our own Disney movie, we’ve had our Prince Charming all along. It’s not your usual ever-after tale. No, it takes much more sacrifice, grace, and an abundance of unconditional love than any Prince Eric or Prince Phillip could ever do.

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Jarmusch does such an incredible job portraying a picture of showing the reality that many girls face in the real world today. Those who have believed and accepted the lies that the world has thrown at them. Feeling empty, lost, confused, and insignificant may just scratch the surface. But what Jarmusch also conveys is that every single girl is forgiven, loved, accepted, and more beautiful than any jewel.

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Jarmusch also refers and relates to media from The Princess Diaries to Star Wars. Yet what the entertainment industry doesn’t do is connect back with God’s Word- the Bible. As she constantly refers back to Scrpture, I’m reminded that girls all around the world, myself included, are royalty because we have a King as a Father. How amazing is that!

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I have read a number of girl-empowering, Biblical based books from a variety of female authors, but I will be totally honest here- I’ve never had a book affect me as much as Jarmusch’s did. I couldn’t put it down. Maybe it’s because I am a Disney baby myself and anything princess related still makes me giddy and happy inside (yes, I even want to celebrate my 25th birthday in Disneyland). But the best relationship I’ve had in my life- better than any middle school boyfriend (does that count?) or high school sweetheart- is my relationship with Jesus Christ. He desires, pursues, and loves me to the extent of dying for me. I don’t know about you, but that kind of Guy deserves all of my attention, affection, love, and praise. I’m in a relationship with an actual Prince! And darling, you can be too.

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“Secrets of Royalty” comes out this September! Make sure to get your copy…and fall in love with the Writer of your epic fairy tale.

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