Can I Have This Dance?

fashion meets God

Hellooo everyone! I’ve missed you! I hope you all had a great last week of April. Can you believe a quarter of the year is already over?!

It’s that time of the year again! You know, the huge ceremony for a couple where a girl walks down the aisle in white, tears of joy are shed, and they make lifetime vows to each other? You got it. Wedding season.

christian blogger

I tend to procrastinate on a lot of things (bad habit, I know) and in this particular situation it was dress shopping for a friend’s wedding. But the good old Sal Val never fails! I snagged this dress for only $5! It’s billowy sleeves and overall flowy silhouette made me want to dance like Gabriella in High School Musical’s “Can I Have This Dance” scene. *heart eyes*

spring fashion

This day, however, I actually recycled this dress and wore it to my brother’s birthday celebration in Delaware. This state is SO beautiful! And although there wasn’t a dance floor (or roof top), I loved chasing around my little nephew in it anyways.

floral dress

charming charlie clutch

I hope you all have a beautiful and bright week ahead like these tulips! Whatever you’re in in life- whether you’re relationship with Christ is the best it’s ever been or you’ve fallen short and are struggling- never forget He is always with you and He loves you with an unconditional love. As you enter the week, receive His grace with an open heart and move forward in the faith and hope He freely gives.


jireh de jose-2

Dress: BP (thrifted) • Earrings: Quiapo (Philippines) • Clutch: Charming Charlie’s • Shoes: Guess (thrifted)

“The future is as bright as your faith.”
– Thomas S. Monson

Author: fashion meets God

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