easter basket

It’s a new week- bring it on Monday! How was your Easter Sunday?

easter sunday

There is so much to be thankful for during this time. “What? Thankful? It’s not Thanksgiving- it’s Easter!” Yes, really! Starting off with church and worshiping and remembering Christ’s resurrection and the unconditional love God has for His people was joyfully overwhelming as always. To spend time with family and loved ones under a bright, beautiful Michigan sun (even if it’s lightning and raining now) reminds me to appreciate those little moments. Going on an Easter egg hunt after who knows how long in Crocs puts even more pep in your step. To share laughs and stories across the lunch table with people you’ve never met or family friends you haven’t seen in weeks brought so much joy!

spring shift dress

I may be blogging on my Easter egg of an outfit and my day with you, but the truth is I’ve been watching Passion of the Christ; what should have been an hour long post is actually taking three. Revisiting the mixed emotions of “How could they torture and wrongly accuse Jesus like that?!” to “The grave could NOT hold Him in- take THAT Pharisees!” truly brings a serious sense of what this day is about. It’s not about the candy, eggs, bunnies, and baskets. It’s about the sacrifice God made thousands of years ago. To see His Son beaten and tortured in order for all of mankind to have the opportunity to have a relationship with Him in which we’re called to go out and share that news with others. It’s not called The Great Option, but The Great Commission.

christian fashion blogger

So as this weekend comes to a close, my prayer is that we don’t leave the reminder of the cross and empty tomb at Easter Sunday but that it’s a part of us every single day. The same power that raised Jesus from the grave is the same power that is in us TODAY right NOW. Tell me, does that call us to live an ordinary life? No, our God is way too big for that. We’re meant to live EXTRAORDINARY lives for Him!

God bless! Happy Resurrection Day!

Dress, shawl: thrifted • Shoes: Guess (thrifted)

“The resurrected King is resurrecting me.”
– Elevation Worship, “Resurrecting”

7 thoughts on “Resurrecting

  1. Woohoo!!! Congratulations Fashion Meets God for reaching the 90K viewership. 90024 to be exact. So so soo proud of you, especially with this post which shows you are true to form. Love it! and love you!

  2. Proud of my niece, Jireh, who is beautiful both inside and outside! Praise to the Lord Jesus who is alive and has the power to forgive sins, change lives and give eternal life!

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