Propel Women: Progress vs. Perfection


If you are a human being of the female sex, stop what you’re doing and follow Propel Women on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram right now!

Ever since their launch early last year, I have been so encouraged by every post. Each one is so freakin’ relatable; sometimes I feel like my Twitter profile are all their retweets! I even wrote a blog post on them (“Six Sites for Lady Leaders”) because I love their ministry and the heart and passion each leader has for women everywhere. Their words of wisdom and discussions are for every type of woman whether you’re a single mom balancing a full time job and full time at school or an entrepreneur in the marketplace. No matter how old or young you are in your faith, they help you reach and celebrate your life’s God-given passion, purpose, and potential.

Last night I finally had the chance to attend a Propel Chapter at Oakland Church. It was everything that I expected it to be: watching Christine Caine, Bianca Juarez Olthoff, and other godly women having vulnerable, eye opening conversations while us group of ladies were intently watching and listening in, flipping through our own Bibles, and writing notes in our journals. What I didn’t expect, however, was my night’s biggest takeaway: hearing others’ struggles that were 100% relatable.

“I used to be so on fire for God. I couldn’t go a day without Him. But now it’s so dry. It’s hard for me to even read His Word.”

“I feel like I need to have it together all the time with a smile on my face. Perfect, almost.”

“I don’t have much free time and I know I don’t take the time to spend time with God.”

“That fellowship I attended was great and all; I loved it. But that was a different season of my life. Now that I don’t attend and people ask why not, I feel obligated to go but because I’m seeking approval from others.”

And so many other honest confessions. I was silently shocked. “She feels that way, too? I’m not the only one?” It was such a weird revelation, but as much as we were all struggling with our challenges, it was comforting to know that I’m not in this race alone. That room of about 12 women weren’t just women and fellow Christians. As daughters of the Highest, we’re family in the Kingdom. Sisters. Sisters who, despite our different flaws and imperfections, are encouraged and uplifted by each other whether it’s through tears or laughter. And even in all our brokenness, God accepts and loves us. HALLELUJAH.


Dearest sister, it’s okay not to be okay. Perfection is not the goal. And if you are hurting and life has somehow trapped you into the pits of stress, anxiety, hopelessness, or fear, you’re not alone! Talk about it with your sisters (biological or spiritual), seek wisdom, and be comforted knowing God has never left you nor does He plan to do so. You are SO loved!

“When you least feel like having fellowship with others is often when you need it the most.”
– Brian Houston


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