Church-Goer to Worship Leader: Hannah Angsioco

Hannah Angsioco

Hi! My name is Hannah. I’m 22 years old and I’m a student at Central Michigan University. I gave my life to the Lord when I was 11 but I never
really made my faith my own until college. I never understood the true
meaning of being a Christ Follower until I decided to really ask why I even
went to church and what the motivation was behind it. Being super honest, I only went to church because that’s just what my family did on Sundays.

Finding my own relationship with Jesus was rough but God has wrecked
my life for His glory. I feel like my first true step into faith and meaning
happened at a worship night the day before I moved to college. During
worship that night I was praying about college, what my experience would
be, and asking God to give me the boldness to continue pursuing Him
regardless of where I was. When I was done, I felt this insane peace about
leaving and felt the Holy Spirit tell me, “If you think that you’re just going to Central for school then you don’t trust Me enough.”

The first few months of school I was too stubborn to go to church at school because I was in denial that I had left home and needed to find a new church. I quickly learned that God’s love is relentless and found all of the Resident Assistants in my building were Christian with the exception of two. They tirelessly invited me to their church called His House Christian Church, but I still was too stubborn.

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I remember one Sunday in November I woke up and just felt so empty. I
got ready and walked across campus to His House alone. As I was
walking, I cried out to God and asked Him why I even went to church. I
don’t know exactly what changed after that day but I kept pushing myself to go to His House knowing that surely I would feel something again. Slowly things got better. I joined a life group, made a bunch of friends, and felt at home. I still felt like there was something lacking because I missed being on a worship team.

In the beginning of January, I had a friend sneakily tell the Creative Arts
Director about me and set up an audition for the worship team. I was
terrified but I did it anyways. A few days later I got a call that told me that I had made it on to the team. After that call, I got on my knees and prayed,
“God, if this is where I’m supposed to be then use me,” …and He did.

I never really thought my music would take me anywhere further than my
bedroom but God had much bigger plans than I could’ve ever imagined.
After three years on the team I felt a tug on my heart knowing I was being
called into leadership. Taking that step and being obedient to God’s call
has been such an adventure. It’s so humbling to be able to step away from
the microphone while singing and watching people cry out to God.


I finally graduate in May (Thanks, God) and get to start a new adventure.
Starting in August, I have the opportunity to be an intern at His House. My
primary responsibilities are to oversee the worship team and disciple
people through weekly meetings. I get to walk along side college students
as they develop their roots in a solid foundation of faith hopefully propelling them into a lifetime of pursuing Christ.

A lot of what God has been teaching me is just taking things day by day. With my new internship position, I am also taking on the new responsibility of raising my own support. It’s been interesting but I keep saying Psalm 119:105 in my head. God gives us a lamp for our feet, not the whole forest, so I rest in the promise that He knows what He’s doing. Ephesians 3:20 says that God is able to do immeasurably more than we could ever ask or image so I’m not worried about what the future holds.


“She doesn’t follow the crowd and she doesn’t fit the mold because being like the world is not really her goal. Her trust is in the Lord and she longs for much more than anything this world could ever have in store.”
– Quite Women Co.

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