Enlightenment at Urban Light

Christian fashion blogger

Why hello there. I’m back! And I’ve missed you.

This is clearly not a look post as I’m sure you don’t need advice on how to style a guy’s suit jacket that’s three times your size. I was not prepared for California’s “winter” and didn’t think twice to pack any type of jacket or coat. Believe it or not, I have been freezing these past few days and many have stated the obvious, “But you’re from MICHIGAN!” Yes, I don’t know either. I may just have to extend my stay for the fourth time until after the Mitt’s annual winter apocalypse.

fashion meets God

Following an appointment Monday night in Los Angeles, my friend/trainer/office mate/tour guide and I went to Chris Burden’s Urban Light sculpture at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. I didn’t think you could fan girl over an inanimate object…but I did. No shame. I’ve seen some of my favorite YouTubers and bloggers create their works within these 200 vintage light posts so being there got me so giddy!

Jireh De Jose

LACMA Downtown LA

Who knew some light posts could bring a little spiritual enlightenment but it got me thinking. Despite all the heartbreaking world events from the past week I still firmly stand and believe that God is in control. As His children, we need to fully represent His light and love even in the face of terrorist groups, threats, attacks, and hatred. These 200 posts gathered together are pretty bright, right? What if you brought all Christ followers together and each person represented a light post? That would be blinding! But that brightness depends on the strength of our faith. Is a lack of faith dimming His light within us or is its strength illuminating us? God didn’t create us to be half-working bulbs but rather to be as radiant as the sun that pierces even the DARKEST shadows. Let’s fight the good fight and blaze His glory wherever we go!

Urban Lights-2 Urban Lights

“For You are my lamp, O LORD; And the LORD illumines my darkness.”
– 2 Samuel 22:29

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