Fashion Flat Lays: Week Two

fmG fashion flat lays week two! Ready? Go!

Cheetah GirlNothing like cheetah print and red, right? Probably one of my top combinations ever. Yet it’s so easy to switch out the red skirt for red pants or another solid color altogether. The bow transitioned from the shawl collar on the front of this printed top also gives it a more sophisticated touch. Add earrings that match your pop of color and you’re good to go!

Blazer: Ann Loft (thrifted) • Top: Adiva (thrifted) • Skirt: Collectible Gold (thrifted) • Earrings: gifted

vintage businessI wasn’t a fan of this blazer when I first saw it, but it’s one of those pieces where it looks so much better on, you know? Its silhouette aligns with my frame just right and the pleats on the shoulders puff just a smidge which adds some character. There’s not much else to say on an LBD too except the more I have to wear office wear, the more I realize it’s such a needed basic in a women’s closet because you can mix and match it with almost ANYTHING.

Blazer: Apt. 9 (thrifted) • Dress: thrifted • Necklace: Love Culture • Shoes: Steve Madden

gold accentsStraight outta China. Just kidding. I don’t know, red and gold always reminds me of China. Anyways, after a week and a half in California, I am now in mix and matching mode where I try to create different outfits with items already worn. When you’re m & m-ing, look at the different and unique elements of what you’re working with. For example, these black pants aren’t just black pants, but rather they have a characteristic of gold studs along the side seams. Whether it reminds you of something like a country or you want to go for a gold accessory play, you’d be surprised what you can come up with.

Top: Spiegel (thrifted) • Pants: Forever 21 • Necklace: H&M

textured floralAs my extremely creative title explains (note: sarcasm), I played with the different textures that this blazer and lace tank top brings. I started with this floral skirt and immediately knew I wanted to do a black and white color palette. As for my non-existent accessories I would have gone for some simple pearl earrings and possibly a matching ring? What do you think?

Blazer: Jones New York (thrifted) • Tank top: thrifted • Skirt: Sunny Leigh (thrifted) • Shoes: Marikina, Philippines

Hope you enjoyed last week’s flat lays and this series altogether! We’ll see what this week brings!

“I delight myself in You
Captivated by Your beauty
I’m overwhelmed, I’m overwhelmed by You
God, I run into Your arms

Unashamed because of mercy
I’m overwhelmed, I’m overwhelmed by You”
– Big Daddy Weave, “Overwhelmed”

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