Dancing With My Crush

11:57, Friday, September 25 2015

When the Bible says, “your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour (1 Peter 5:8),” it is no joke. Satan does not care how you are feeling, what you are doing, where you are physically, or if it is your birthday. If he can latch on to just a little bit of your weaknesses, he will do whatever it takes to take you down.

Today my fellow single girl friend and I talked about relationships and what we desired. Of course, we would be at a cider mill where couples were hand-in-hand with their cider and donuts under a picture-perfect Michigan autumn sunset. “This would be the perfect place for a date!” we both said as we solemnly looked down to the ground.

I am still very much the independent woman who wrote, “Why I Choose to Be Single,” but some days you’re just off, especially when your crush becomes taken. Buried deep in my heart was an ache of bitterness and discouragement. It came to a point when I said, “Times like this I wish I had a boyfriend!” or “I wish that were me!” Fantasies began filling my mind as I brainstormed a fake, processed romance with scenarios similar to the lovebirds surrounding me.

I longingly thought, “God, I want to be pursued!” Then all of a sudden He whispered, “I’m right here, beloved. Don’t forget about me.”

We tend to get so caught up in what others have or what could have been that we forget the beauty of being single and how God uses this precious time to His advantage. Almost immediately after God reminded me of this, the distractions of the devil disintegrated in faith and all my passions, dreams, and God-given callings returned. I bounced back with a, “God, we’ve got work to do don’t we?”

As humans it’s natural to yearn for someone to sweep us off our feet. But as we patiently wait in the meantime, let’s not awaken that precious love and moment God is preparing until He wants it set into action (SOS 8:4). If you know God has called and entrusted you to accomplish heavenly responsibilities, this is the time. Take advantage of it because it may never come again. And for those of you who are struggling, I encourage you to do some “War Room” declaration. Declare that God is the Leader, Love, and Lord of your life. God created you and your innermost being, therefore, He and He alone can satisfy ALL your needs and desires. Satan has NO hold over your heart and any lies he throws at you such as, “You need to be in a relationship!” or “Who cares! Just date him!” or even the pathetic, “You are the only one who can change him!” is complete trash. We all know what to do with trash, right?

Just as Satan thought he succeeded on my birthday, I enter into my 24th year hand-in-hand with my forever Crush- Jesus. My focus and priority is Him and Him alone. I am MORE than ready to continue pursuing Christ and fall MORE in love with Him in my walk in the year ahead.

Friend, trust in the timing of the One who set your timeline before you came into this earth. Grow and deepen your relationship with God more than ever. Thirst, crave, and LOVE Him with everything you’ve got. He will draw near to you as you dance with Him through life. He wants nothing more.

And I will lock eyes
With the One who’s chosen me
The One who set my feet to dancing
When my faith gets tired
And my hope seems lost
You spin me round and round
And remind me of that song
The one you wrote for me
We dance
Just you and me

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