Faith and Fashion Files: L.A.

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Next to The Big Apple, it’s no surprise that L.A. is one of the nation’s top bustling fashion cities. From retailers with humble beginnings that bloomed into billion dollar brands *ahem Forever 21 ahem* and all my #GIRLBOSSes of Nasty Gal to the hodgepodge of fashion designers, it’s a total west-coast haven. So instead of highlighting innovators and institutions, I’m taking it straight from the streets: L.A. street style. It’s beyond your typical Cali-girl denim cut-off shorts, flip-flops, and beach wavy hair. These are the girls from Lookbook! I mean, where else could these two-four picture collages have come from? I just love the diversity of personal style and expression L.A. has. Preppy, bohemian, feminine, grunge, minimalistic- they’ve got it all. Los Angeles is a wonderland for people watchers like me. For more details and links to these outfits and bloggers, head over to this Pinterest board!



Just like their fashion department, religious beliefs are just as diverse. According to, “The wide variety of Los Angeles religion and religious institutions speaks to the diversity of the city, with many of its residents being active members of such popular religions as Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Baha’I, Taoism, Shinto, and Islam.” I find it so interesting that the past Fashion and Faith Files reported on had an overwhelming statistic of a singular religion dominating that country, but in just one city of the U.S., almost all beliefs are present. America isn’t called “The Melting Pot” for nothing!

One more week until L.A.!!!

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