1 Nation 1 Day: Miami Experience + Welcome to Bani!

I have been in Delaware for a couple of days now and I find myself staring blankly out a window or smiling at the ground reminiscing on all the experiences from last week’s mission trip to the Dominican Republic (DR). PRAISE God for all that He has done and will continue to do in that country through His people. The things we witnessed- incredible.


I was not physically ready for this trip. I remember leaving the Philippines in tears; I had the best of times for two months (including Thailand) and the friendships that God blessed me with were engraved into my heart. It was difficult leaving my new friends and family. Plus, I was still recovering from a fever and the thought of traveling for almost 24 hours then to be jet lagged in the States on the mission field didn’t help. But I believe God uses our position for a purpose. He didn’t make a mistake by providing for this opportunity!

dawn of a new missions era

When I arrived at the hotel where 1 Nation 1 Day (1N1D) registration and check-in was held I was immediately impressed by Missions.Me. They had everything covered from luggage tags, your departure time to the DR, and your own bag complete with information for the week ahead. We were taken to The Fillmore in Miami and- okay. Guys. When they said “Miami Training” I envisioned a big room where we’d meet our teammates and go over the dance, skits, and dramas. Wrong. We stepped into the building and it was covered with missionaries and a DJ on the second floor. What?! We entered the theater and from then on out, us 2,000 missionaries were ready for God to stretch and use us. I returned to the hotel to prepare for my 1:00am flight to the DR and in just a few hours we were in the nation that was about to be transformed forever.


Team Bani stayed at the D’Pravia Hotel, a small and humble hotel with employees with the biggest hearts. They helped make our stay and experience so incredible. On our first full day we went to the park and had a flag raising ceremony during which people were already praying for the Dominicans, whether it was a young shoe shine boy or a man selling fruit in a makeshift cart. We also had the opportunity to pray for workers in the nearby government building where one group actually signed an official document stating 1 Nation 1 Day a historical moment in the city.

flag raising ceremony fruit vendor salvation prayer

We went to our first site in our smaller team (#TeamBruh!) where we performed the dances, skits, and just connected and loved on people. The sight of people making their way forward during the altar call to receive Jesus into their hearts will never get old. We visited 3-4 different sites a day that had more or less than 100 people of all ages. Crazy.

One girl that touched my heart was Melanie. The team and I were at our third site and after praying for a girl moving to Brooklyn, she asked if I could pray for her and healing for the pain in her eyes. I brought over a translator and prayed. Afterwards, she unexpectedly said “I love you” in English and ran out the church doors. Five minutes later she came back with a stuffed bear as a parting gift. I’d say it was both of us who left that church overwhelmed with joy.


During our first two nights we visited two different churches; the first welcomed Team Bani with worship, dancing, and native food. The next night we heard word from our own Pastor Tony on the abundant rain coming, both spiritually and physically, as they have been in a drought for three years- more on that later *winky face emoji*.

bani church

At this point, I never felt the effects of jet lag and my fever was entirely gone. God never ceases to amaze me. He sees our struggles and weaknesses and uses them to His advantage so that we can rely and be fully restored through His grace. He doesn’t overlook anything.

I hope you enjoy part one of the DR! Can you believe this was just the first half of the week?? “Like” if you prefer this kind of video over my head shot commentaries (because I do, hah). Until next time!

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