The following is a short but (hopefully) sweet post, but you know how I get when I can’t blog as often as I would like and this week has been TOO good NOT to post any update. No photos, no videos, no visuals. Just a moment of words of what God has been doing in the Dominican Republic.

The word “encounter” has been laying in my heart and has somewhat become my personal theme for this missions trip. Encountering a team. Encountering Dominicans. Encountering God. Guiding people to encounter Jesus has been such a thrill. We’ve met hundreds of people throughout the city of Bani; some crowds wait two hours for us and when we arrive you can sense that they’re hungry for something greater. Dancing, performing dramas, acting out skits, hearing testimonies, presenting the altar call, and the sight of people raising their hands to receive Jesus into their hearts never. gets. old. 

There’s a craving for Christ. When I see a child crawling through the crowd or a teenager sitting in a tree for a better view, a mother asking for prayer for her kids, or an elder with closed eyes silently surrendering themselves to the Lord, goosebumps creep through my skin everytime. We’ve witnessed miracle after miracle. The paralyzed walk. The deaf hear. I love how God is the God of the supernatural and impossible. And that all this is happening throughout the entire country. 
We’re a little bit over half way through the week and I believe the best is yet to come. God is NOT done. There is still work to be done. We’re expectant and ready.

Author: fashion meets God

Christ ambassador and faith & fashion blogger at fashionmeetsgod.com

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