Philippines: Arrived! (#JirehForFour)

First video of this summer’s mission trips! Ahhhhh! Oh, how I love being back in Manila. Had a chance to attend a couple of Cru meetings regarding Thailand and LifeInitiatives and meet new people- so many exciting things happening!!! Thumbs up on the video if you enjoyed it and want to see more because I’m not sure if I should keep vlogging or stick to blogging. Thoughts?

#JirehForFour is well underway, however, I still need your support for my next stop to the Dominican Republic. We are almost there I can taste it! Check out these #1Nation1Day videos and see the power of God’s hand already moving in this country. And if you’d like to donate towards my trip, click here!

View more videos here!

Until the next video! Love all around!

“If changing the world were easy, everyone would be doing it. It takes passion, determination, and a faith that refuses to quit.”
– Dominic Russo, founder of 1Nation1Day

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