Faith and Fashion Files: Philippines

Hey all! Today I’m starting a new series for the next four weeks called “Faith and Fashion Files.” I’ll be sharing on fashion and the primary religions of the countries I’ll be going to for my mission trips this summer since even I need some background on what I’ll be facing. First up, the Philippines!

fashion- philippines

While studying fashion in the Philippines, I noticed there’s a collision and needed balance of Western influences and embracing traditional Filipino aesthetics. Filipinos love looking at what is trending in the U.S., but there are some that have the urge to keep their nation’s local fabrics and raw materials on top.   Surprisingly after returning home to Michigan, I was not as moved by designs as much as I was in the Philippines. Their designs are so fashion forward, dare I say, even more than some in my local land.

a- Design by Filipino fashion designer, Monique Lhuillier, known for her elegant wedding gowns. Source.

b- Design by Rajo Laurel worn by former Miss Philippines Venus Raj. Famed fashion designer in made-to-order couture and designer ready-to-wear and a judge on Project Runway Philippines. His labels include House of Laurel and Rags2Riches among other local Filipino brands. Source.

c- Another design by designer Oliver Tolentino who won the Sustainable Eco Fashion Award in 2010 and El Paseo Designer of the Week 2011. His designs have been worn by celebrities beyond the Philippines such as Maria Menouno, Fergie, Emmy Rossum, Sophia Bush, CeeLo Green, and more. Source.

d- Fashion bloggers are no new thing to the Philippines! During my studies there were bloggers left and right posing for the camera around the city, attending Manila’s posh events, and churning out posts on a daily basis. They’ve become a huge influence to the fashion scene, ergo, even landing covers of the country’s best magazines. Source.

e- Philippine Fashion Week. One of the best ways to see up-and-coming designers and the classic favorites. Let me just say too, I love Michigan, but the Filipinos really know how to put on a great fashion show.

f- The baro’t saya and barong- the Philippines’ national costumes. Source.

g- You can’t forget about fashion’s accessory designers! Design by Mich Dulce, the Philippines’ most known milliner. Source.

faith- philippinesThis statistic directly affects me as my parents grew up in Roman Catholic households. I’ve noticed firsthand how Catholic Filipinos, especially the older generation, are strict and deeply committed in their faith. The Philippines isn’t known as Asia’s most Catholic country for nothing!

Hope you guys had a feel for the Philippines’ fashion and religious scene as I did. Next week, Thailand!

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