Happy 313 Day!

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Today, March 13, is not only the beginning of another beautiful weekend, but it’s a day for celebration! It’s 313 Day! Thanks to fellow bloggers Allie and Allison who came up with the idea of having a Detroit Day blogger party, we will be discussing all things we love in the Motor City in today’s posts! When I started brainstorming for this post I became slightly flabbergasted because of my lack of information on my own birth town:

“I don’t know the hottest food joints!”

“Sightseeing? I like to walk around Campus Martius Park, does that count?”

“That iron fist is pretty cool though.”

Then it hit me. The one thing I am comfortable and passionate speaking of and the main reason why I ever even drive to the D: the fashion industry. So here it is! Three of my favorite influencers in three categories (313, get it?).

313 Bloggers1) Inez of Style Chic 360: I connected with Inez ever since I lived in the Philippines. She is one of the most down-to-earth people I have met and her style is always on point! I’m currently loving her fitness motivation and her inspiring meal prep posts.

2) Bruna of StyleMile: Bruna’s classy, chic style and contagious cuteness and energy is what’s drawn me to her blog since I met her at FashionSpeak in October. She recently did a collaboration with HP and “All About that Bass” singer, Meghan Trainor. Check it out here!

3) Nailah of The Moda Intersection: I don’t think I’ll ever forget the time Nailah and I were at Michigan Fashion Week 2013 and she took the time to show me how to work my Sony SLR. Super nice and humble, I always love seeing Nailah at events!

313 Designers1) Loren “LOJO” Danielle: If there is one person in Detroit that I admire and inspires me to go further in my dreams, it’s Loren Danielle. Not only is she the founder of Michigan Fashion Week, an incredible designer who has won numerous awards, and has been featured on TV and magazines, she is also a Christ follower! What else is there to say?!

2) Bridget Sullivan: I have been familiar with Bridget’s work for a couple years now and the inspiration for her designs is so unique and creative. After being in the garment design field for a while, she has also added fabric designer at Lear Corporation to her resume.

3) Matt Richmond: Matt is known for “The Paper Dress Code,” his line of wearable, eco-friendly designs typically made of newspapers, plastic bags, and magazines. His designs have graced the runway of Michigan Fashion Week and Hour Detroit Magazine. So innovative!

313 Fashion ReviversI call this category “Fashion Revivers” for the efforts being made towards Detroit’s fashion industry. These brands work to get the city’s once thriving fashion scene back in full swing.

1) Presence II ProductionsFounded by Leslie Ann Pilling, PIIP sets its focus on showcasing local artists in fashion and art. I’ve attended its “Michigan F.A.S.H. Fest” events in the past few years and have always enjoyed the different creativity behind the artwork and presentations.

2) Detroit Garment Group Guild: Fairly new but have already made its presence in the industry, DG3’s goal is to provide education and opportunities to the fashion community. They’ve created FashionSpeak, Michigan’s only fashion conference in the industry, the Industrial Sewing Certificate Program, and are now in the works to create Detroit’s first garment district.

3) Detroit Creative Corridor Center: DC3’s purpose is to provide support to Detroit’s creative industries whether it be through resources, exposure, and advocacy. Its board’s passion is to grow Detroit’s creative economy to that it may be recognized as a global center for design.

Isn’t it awesome to see such forces dedicated to bring light on Detroit’s creative community? What do you love most about D-Town? Feel free to share below in the comments! 🙂

Happy Detroit Day!

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One thought on “Happy 313 Day!

  1. Jireh, I just love you for this post! I love your take on Detroit Fashion and you mentioned a few of my favs as well!

    We have to reconnect when the weather breaks!

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