More Than a $1M Jackpot

Hello all and welcome to a new week!

Ever since my trip to Vegas, I really wanted to do a blog post on this specific something. While walking its strip at night and allowing all the flashing lights and towering hotels/casinos to sink in, there was one thing breaking my heart that I couldn’t believe was happening right before my eyes.

“R” rated business card-sized advertisements of various female bodies were being passed out by people who were only in need of an income to get by. Some tourists kept it for their own pleasure while others threw them on the ground where, sadly, kids were gallivanting around. My heart went out for those trying to revive their marriage, for those desiring freedom from sexual temptation, and other believers walking along that street.

Seeing half-naked women covered in sequins with feather headdresses and mobile billboards of temptresses is a norm in “Sin City.” In a place that is so magnificent of the creative ingenuity God has given to hotel entrepreneurs, architects, and performers, we still defile ourselves to lust and fast, cheap, and tacky satisfaction. God created us (body, soul, and mind) for so much more than just a one night stand and a sexual showcase. He designed you Himself not as a mistake but with purpose in mind. You are crafted and handmade by the One who holds the entire universe in His hand. You are worth more than a million dollar jackpot and the income of every operation on Las Vegas Boulevard in total. No matter what age and gender you are, your body is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Treat it, use it, and love it in such a way that is pleasing to Him. There’s no one quite like you, darling.


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“You are beautiful, and there is nothing more beautiful than a woman who embraces her femininity in her appearance while keeping true beauty and modesty in mind…This is how I choose to live not because I have to, not because I’m forced to, but because I want to and because this is where I find freedom to be the beautiful person God has created me to be.”
– Lauren DeMoss

Author: fashion meets God

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